Public Relations Emergencies

Comcast has dedicated their time to providing viewers with the best programming and transmissions services in the country. Though, there emerged  some difficulties along the way. Unfortunately, not all the issues that affect company’s service provision are under control, some of them simply simply being out of the reach. As much as the company tries to keep everything running smoothly, there are some external forces that tend to interrupt our services. For instance, in cases of natural disasters such as hurricanes, transmission may be affected and some of our customers might lose their bandwidth. Similar situation happened once in 2008 (Jessica, 2008). We try our best in keeping our staff satisfied with the conditions accorded to them. However, in cases of civil and labor unrest, our customers may need to bear with the delays that are bound to follow.

The company wishes to assure all our customers and other stakeholders that they are our primary concern. Being a service provision company, Comcast aims to reach  the apex of the industry by providing best service to our customers. Therefore, from today on we will send out immediate alerts anytime there happens a discrepancy in the system. We will also compensate a reasonable sum to anyone who suffers a loss due to any negligence on our part. However, since our goal is to be flawless in service delivery, we will try to omit similar occasions. We will also seek to expand our programming so as to serve our customers better (Paul, 2004).

Any other unfortunate occurrences such as death of a member of the company or acts of malice directed towards the company will be handled with utmost care to ensure normalcy in the company. We wish to assure our stakeholders that we are totally committed to their service and  they have no reason to doubt in it. We can prove this by having come out of quite a lot of unfortunate situations successfully, Our vision and mission – to be the leaders in the industry of cable delivery – makes us work to the best of our abilities and improve ourselves on daily basis. We strive for our customers’ full credibility. (Comcast official website).

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