A relationship can be said to be the manner in which two or more things, ideas or people are connected. There are numerous forms of relationships. However, when we talk of relationships our minds tend to think about interpersonal relationships.

We are living in an ‘era of communications’ with the privilege of chatting and interacting with people at almost no cost. This has intensified relationships around the globe since communication can be said to be the blood that runs in it. The way people communicate tells the nature of their relationship with the lowest level of relating being that of feeling lonely and isolated. This level presents absence of any form of relationship. It can be said to be worse than a failing relationship which is the second least degree of relating with others.

Failing relationships are in conflicts and yet to be confirmed as successful or failed. These two levels of relationships are not desirable as people are always happy in successful relationships. These relationships can be of different forms with love and solidarity being the bond keeping the people together. The most common ones are in the context of friendship but they also include intimate relationships like marriages and love affairs, family relationships, work and social clubs as wells neighborhoods.

Other forms of relationships are the formal business relationship which can involve two or more legal entities or persons as well as the natural persons in form of partnerships, companies, mergers, cartels etc. Animals also relate in a manner like the human beings.

Healthy relationships are not hard to achieve with communication. This is why nowadays everybody is in numerous relationships with different people and we are all in great need to link to others. It is just like one of the basic needs.

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