Stages in Preparing an Effective Outline for a Presentation

Presentation is the process of educating, convincing or conveying certain information to people. Communication is viewed as the main aim for any presentation whether written or oral. Therefore, to communicate effectively, a person is required to state facts in a very simple, clear and interesting way.  It is necessary for a person to prepare the presentation and be organized.

 First it is important to select a topic on which presentation will focus on. This is important because a topic acts like a guide and helps in conveying the right message to the audience. Secondly, it is good to create objectives of the presentation and ensure that they are outlined clearly. For instance, objectives show the purpose of the presentation, and the end results expected. Objectives help in determining the substance of the speech and make it easier to organize what to talk about next.

The third step involves gauging the expertise of the audience. This helps in determining the level at which the audiences understand the topic selected. Therefore, by determining audience`s expertise, a person is able to build upon what is already known and effective presentation. The fourth stage involves writing down the body of the speech in an outline form that is clear and straight to the point. Writing down the speech helps the speaker to remain focused on the topic of the study during the presentation time.

The fifth stage involves determining the visuals to be used during the presentation. It is important to figure out in the presentation outline the sort of visual aids that will be required in during the presentation process. This is necessary because it helps a person to know which point will require a visual aid. Lastly, prepare a simple story board. This is important because it helps providing the overall view of the presentation.

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