Technology and Effects on Relationships

The above question forms the basis for researching on the two items. Technology is defined as use of tools, equipment or acquired knowledge in determining solution in a given social set-up for instance, a society or an organization. Such examples include introduction of computerization system in an organization. Systems or techniques in an organization determine what technology to be employed.

Culture is another determinant of technology. A society with modern culture requires new technology that suits the present interests. Critical scrutiny of technology and its effects on various parameters indicate that it is directly proportional to time and cost. What do I mean? Advancement in time triggers the same effect on technology! Here I am trying to insinuate that since the early times of ancient technology to date; a lot of water has passed under the bridge. There had occurred a lot of advanced changes in terms of technology; meaning evolution has greatly taken a lot of precedent.

Likewise, as technology advances, cost increases. Why is this? The improved rate of discovery, invention and innovation; call for heavy financial investment. There is no denying fact that for every good result to be realized there is an equally increased pressure that is being applied! This for example includes increased dedication of energy, time and cost. These three bench-marks must apply naturally, which of course results to a desired end. Cost therefore may be in terms of money channeled to the proposed project.

Some of the effects seen to have been led by the improved technology includes improved communication, increased net-working among different groups of people and creativity. It has also resulted to both building and breaking of delicate social fabric embraced in our society.

Relationship on the other hand is defined as having interpersonal or intimate contact with another party; for instance a person. Relationships can be created through: corporate business meetings, opposite gender contacts, family reunion functions, employee-master contacts or even teacher-student connections. Technology has either contributed positively or negatively to relationships.

Positive Effects of Technology in Relationships

Man has all along been described as a social being that benefits from interpersonal relationships. In addition man can be viewed as a resource that can be utilized to yield better results; technology has brought about diverse positive effects in all social economic and political sectors.


Every successful institution, such as marriage is pegged on effective communication. Technology comes in handy in promotion of communication, a prerequisite for healthy relationships, in different setups. The use of mobile phones, face book, twitter, video calling among other social networks are as a result of advancement in technology. These social networks have positively impacted people’s lives by enhancing free flow of information in institutions. A married man living in different continent from his wife, for example s keeps her updated on many aspects of his progress despite the distance of separation.

Moreover, in companies and other financial institutions social networks are used to convey productive information from one level of production to another therefore improving human resource management. Better communication is a prerequisite for productivity and has been significantly improved by social networks. E-mails are used to exchange information within and without geographical regions. Such information may be either social or professional and its long term effects improve relationships between different parties.

The use of mobile phones and other social networks for communication are much cheaper as compared to traditional means of communication. This aspect helps improve the frequency of communication and enhance time management which has an economic benefit. Institutions that communicate regularly are less likely to experience conflicts.

Dating Couples rely on social networks to improve their relationships and communicate reliable information. According to reports by many health professionals healthy relations are important in solving human psychological problems. These reports further indicate that human beings who regularly communicate with their loved ones are less likely to be involved in social crimes and alcoholism. Such benefits to the human race can be associated with networks that keep people in touch with one another.

Technology has helped enhance monetary transfer systems. The advantages posed by this technological advancement to human relations include: self development, education, political empowerment among others. Transfer of money from one continent to another takes place in a matter of seconds’. People for example, can transfer money to their relatives living in overseas and this would rapidly enhance development in social institutional such as families. E-banking is also used to pay for expenses among organizations enhancing accountability, trust and quick service delivery .In addition, enhanced monetary transfer between political systems helps boost governance ,which was one of the major problem affecting political relationships between political leaders and citizens. Other positive impacts of technology include elimination of human crisis created in banks as a result of late money transfers, social crimes related to money theft among others.

Other benefits that come with technology include e-learning which has helped reduce the cost of education and boosted its quality. Education is viewed as a tool for development and has direct effects on human relationships. Today, unlike in the past people consult professors and other scholars in the comfort of their homes. This technological development gives giving an opportunity to spend more time with their families.

Nonetheless, research shows that E-learning has boosted innovation in institutions of higher learning a move that has helped solve conflicts between trainers and trainees due to incomplete projects. Through electronic learning staff development in industries has become possible an endeavor that has helped solve crisis resulting from inadequate skills and lack of innovation. A common source of conflicts associated with the early 20th century was lack of skills in organizations and inadequate innovation.

Monitory Systems

The use of surveillance systems in organizations is now possible. CCTVs and other systems that utilize modern technology in receiving, displaying and transferring live images in buildings have helped resolve conflicts in human resource departments. Earlier, conflicts originating from rumors and propaganda in institutions were hard to resolve. The source of such information regarding lazy employees, for example, would not be verified.

Human resource managers and employees were constantly in conflicts most of which culminated in strikes, sacking, closure of organizations, law suits in corridors of justice among others. Normally no evidence would be available to support arguments and as a result, managers relied on rumors to resolve conflicts. Monitory systems are today the best source of information regarding many aspects of human resource. They play a considerable role in solving human crisis in disciplinary panels.

Overtimes and meal criteria were also common sources of conflicts in organizations. Today systems used in company canteens and dairy staff registers are electronically controlled. Staff databases are remotely updated with inputs providing true details regarding aspects such as reporting and departure time. Overtime calculation, for example at the end of every month is a true representation of what is contained in such databases and as such there are no crisis resulting from underpayment claims. In cases of such claims verification and correction is an easy and effective and is possible within a very short period of time.

Leisure and Entertainment

Constructive leisure and entertainment are known to positively influence the human mind. Constructive leisure is a requirement for a healthy relationship and helps solve psychological human disorders. Electronic media and social networks provide entertainment programs whose effects are evident in healthy relationships .These programs are educative and cannot be available in the absence of technology. Technology has also helped institutions such as marriages to improve themselves through leisure by incorporating research in leisure. Leisure time spent by groups of students, for example, in an innovative online site has positive impacts in the lives of the students. In addition the use of machinery to run industries have reduced working hours and enhanced leisure time for employees creating time for their family relationships.

Online Employment and Outsourcing

Another dynamic benefit that technology poses to human relationships comes with the internet. The internet is considered as a high-speed highway for digital messages that is not affected by distance and topography. People work at the comfort of their homes over the internet. Research centers are now able to outsource services over the internet giving families a chance to be together as they work and earn a living. The internet has also reduced the cases of people travelling to over sea countries in search for jobs since some jobs can be done over the internet. This has helped solve the problem of separation earlier characterizing many marriages. Other advantages availed by outsourcings services to marriages and other social setups include the availability of counseling, online purchases and medical services.

Improved Customer Care Relations

Online shopping and information exchange between sellers and customers has helped boost relationships between organizations and their customers. Free flow of information is vital for clarity, trust, transparency and accountability. In addition the internet enables organizations and companies to use their websites in advertisement therefore creating links with potential buyers. Information storage and reference making is greatly enhanced therefore promoting customer care. Responsiveness to customer questions, complains and needs is greatly enhanced by the use of the internet as well as mobile phones. Quick response helps boost their loyalty to the organization.

The Negative Effects of Technology in Relationships


Technology is used to ease work and communication although it can impact the users in a negative manner. Use of technology in communication is important since it lessens the time spent if the distance involved is long. The commonly used technology in communication is telephone, face book, twitter and emailing among others. Separation is very evident for instance in a social set up especially among peers. The use of face book has been noted to isolate people from their friends.

Use of face book is sometimes addictive if it is not wisely done. The addicted users tend to spend a lot of time chatting to an extent that they sacrifice doing other major duties. Prolonged use of face book may make peers in the same physical location fail to interact adequately. Excessive chatting may make a person fail to contribute during discussions since the person’s concentration is so much focused on the face book talk.

In addition some people tend to use face book and make very many new friends with whom they communicate as often as possible. The face book users often isolate themselves from their physical friends. In some instances close friends end up breaking contact although the distance between them is very small. Reasons for friendships failure is because the friends put more emphasis on the face book counterparts and substitute their normal friendships. The implication is that in times of trouble the virtual friends have less capacity to help each other. On the other hand the old friends could have been so distanced that it becomes hard to gain their attention anymore. Thus internet is a very costly idea to venture in unwisely.


People tend to substitute physical communication to their loved ones with the use of the face book, telephones and Skype. Some students in local and international universities take a very long time before travelling home to see their parents and siblings.  Instead they make long calls, face book chatting as well as Skype communication to reach their parents. Some students spend the whole of their college duration before going back home. Additionally, most of them hide their results and ware bouts from their parents. As a result the parents are alienated from their families and once they graduate they appear as strangers.

Couples also may substitute their physical communication with the virtual media. A husband working away from home may opt to call the wife daily and once he is aware of the family’s safety he is contented. However, use of electronic communication cannot substitute the mutual warmth found whenever they are together. Instances of substitution have also been reported between relating couples. Some intimate issues become difficult to discuss over the phone or in face book. Thus one party feels alienated if the partner is concerned with spending more time on face book instead of giving the partner quality time.


Moreover, various people have used the internet to make very emotional confrontations. Most of the complex matters like firing and breaking relationships can easily be done by the use of emails. However, the use of email or face book to confront is not so real since people are not empathetic.  Some find it easy since they can pass inconsiderate information without involving their emotions. Additionally people get the illusion that such comments and responses are not harmful. Thus the negative impact is that it takes away empathetic feelings thus cause more harm than face to-face confrontation would. Again it never allows the recipient time to express his/her feelings thus bring up a resolution about the conflict.

Prolonged response

 The use of emails, text messages and social media is deceptive since it does not communicate someone’s true intention in giving the response. During physical conversation it takes a person short time to truly respond in agreement or disagreement since the actions are visible. However, a person may chose not to answer a question asked via the internet or they may not know a message was sent.  Due to this a response may be delayed due rudeness or refusal to answer in case there was no clear answer then.


 Use of technology especially the use of laptops during outings takes away the person the joy of leisure time. Men and women tend to use their wifi, i-pads, laptops and gaming tools and spend most of their time surfing and gaming instead of relaxing.  On the contrary the people who use these technological tools are bound by them even when they take their families for outings. Consequently feelings of neglect between family members can lead to conflicts.

Employment Dissatisfaction

Employers have made it easy for their employees to communicate in the company however some misuse this provision for their own interests. Employees may take advantage of the internet and telephone to communicate heavily with their acquaintances. Additionally they may spend too much time surfing the internet until they fail to accomplish their duties. Such irresponsible behavior displayed by employees is annoying to the employer. As a result he may put restrictions on the use of the company’s resources to specific times and activities only. The implication is that the employees may opt to obey or disobey. Disobedience means they may choose to still use but in hide out whenever the manager is not around. As a result unfaithfulness and obvious conflicts arise between manager and employers.

Examination Cheating

Severally students in the college and secondary schools have been found cheating in examinations using internet. Most of the examination leakages take place through mobile Google as well as text messages. Experts in academic coordination access the due examination and send it to students. On the other hand students can Google for answers during the examination. The impacts relationships since if the student’s maliciousness is detected they are expelled. Expulsion from school or cancellation of results leads to feelings of mistrust for the student thus conflict between parents and the children.

Deployment and Family Conflict

Company managers may choose to lay off various oversees as well as local employees. The deployment letters may be served via emails thus using technology especially for the online workers.  The deployment letter might be so uncompassionate that it allows no more room for conversation. In case a man gets sacked, he may often quarrel with this wife due to disappointment of not being able to provide for the family.

Online Dating and Relationship

The use of social networks for acquiring fiancés and carrying out relationships has caused so many controversies and eventual disappointments. Various people who fell in love and dated online have been noted to develop problems during marriages. This happens because the people have never met physically and so they are strangers. Additionally, most of them don’t reveal their character in the face book description. As a result people get disappointed to marry people they thought they loved but who turned out to be totally unlovable. This is because virtual emotions aren’t as real as physical communication.

Immoral Behavior

Internet surfing has caused so many people to learn and later take part in immoral behavior. The most common behavior is watching pornography. Young people in schools are always at logger heads with the authorities for using internet to watch pornography. Consequently, the people that watch pornography turn out to do masturbation.  Men that take masturbate are less interested in having sex with women. Therefore incase he is married, there are several conflicts with their wives and often some marriages end up breaking.


Owing to the said highlights of this subject, it can be deduced that the emergence of technology has enormously contributed to both negative and positive results. Focusing on the positive ones first; we see how technology has given relationships a big boost in the present society. Improved technology in telecommunication sector has greatly made positive advancement in the lives of ordinary people. Availability of affordable mobile phones has made families, friends and business partners communicate with ease. This has eventually reduced the cost of living in terms of transport to the intended destination just to deliver message! 

Tailor-made services such as mobile-banking are among the successful stories associated with technological growth. Safaricom Company’s M-banking in Kenya is a clear picture of what technology can do. In fact, with the invention of this facility, the firm has been propelled to a level of its own; being paralleled with recognized global corporate like the American General Electric. Companies of this caliber are certified to operate anywhere in the world.

Internet services are as a result of advanced technology. It has greatly improved lives! Healthy contacts in opposite relations, business net-works and family contacts are deemed to have been brought by hi-tech knowledge. Electronic-mailing, face-book chatting and twittering are all forms internet service communication. They have led to quick and prompt message feedback. In this scenario, we cannot deny that technology has brought a lot of positive out-comes in relationships.

Technology has however attracted some negative results. Take for example broken marriages which are precipitated by sexual short messages found on mobile phones. Such events are normally characterized by intense suspicion from either of the opposite parties. Internet pornography can also lead to broken relationships and loss of respect to the victim. Phone abuses by a rogue partner or family member can lead to relationship being irreparably undermined.

Finally, the cost of initial investment in technology, the escalating costs in calling rates made to different parties depending on the charge rate pegged on each, can also undermine these relationships. Therefore, technology has both improved and undermined relationships in an equal measure!

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