Textbook and Video Analysis

1. While both the text from the book and the video display similarities, the text provides in-depth definitions of terms in context to their application in e-business practices. The text provides the reader with a critical understanding of e-business practices, appreciating the intricacies inherent in the user interface and offering description of integrated applications which characterize a significant percent of modern online applications. The text aims at educating the reader in an attempt to ensure that the reader appreciates the technological aspects of e-business, networking and resource allocation. These aspects may differ in applications though. They pose a unity of purpose in creating a virtual environment where an individual can source information, services or goods online, and where information sourcing and capturing is critical to business decisions. The ability to interact and communicate socially or businesswise is emphasized in the text through elaborate explanations of critical development in web applications and interfaces.

2.  The video “History of Business Intelligence” attempts to describe the evolution of business systems from significantly heavy and tedious methods of data collection, storage, analysis and access to a more user friendly, interactive and accessible business information systems. The video describes the challenges faced in making appropriate decisions in the creation of efficient business intelligence systems. While this video describes the process of developing sound business intelligence systems, the video “Manage the Data Deluge with Data Mining and Predictive Analytics” demonstrates the significance of such systems in data mining applications. The characterization of data mining as a critical aspect of successful strategic business decisions promotes the development of business intelligence systems which have the ability to sift through senseless data and provide relevant critical information. Therefore, both videos emphasize the significance of business intelligence systems in a competitive world where accurate information is a strategic resource to business decisions.

In light of these, the text and the video assert the significance of technology in both the business and social environments. Therefore, it is essential to understand and appreciate the functions and processes that take place behind the user interfaces and applications which are taken for granted by a significant number of people.

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