The Concept of Integrity

Integrity as a concept has been misused in our daily life. It is better to know this term because its meaning can be reflected in the relevant areas that will sound satisfactorily to both the user and the recipient. Misjudging information and not knowing the meaning may be dangerous or may not bring any desirable change. It is in this view that the word integrity is captured and the need for its understanding in various perspectives is necessary. Even though the integrity concept is a known word by some people, many persons have not yet understood the scope of its use and specific meaning and application in the daily assignments. This has resulted into its analysis and definition in this paper.

Discussion on the Definition

The concept integrity reflects consistency in actions, methods, measures and adherence to the ethical principles. That is, being morally sound and very honest at large in all the activities that one does. It can also mean that something is in a perfect condition and is unimpaired. When in ethics, integrity means truthfulness and honesty or even accuracy. Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy because it is regarded as a virtue of internal consistency. The internal consistency shows sense of character. People have got different character traits that depict them to be having varying levels of integrity. This has seen many judgments on integrity issues based on values and believes together with real principles that such persons claim to hold. This has made it more significant for people to adore value systems that may not compromise their integrity in what they do.

It has been noted that various interactions on given levels may determine such character as being one with high integrity or not. This depends on our deeds and how we react to situations presented to us.  For instance, when capturing employees and business leaders, integrity involve moral judgment, values of leadership and characteristic features of the persons involved. Showing integrity wherever we are helps us in understanding both right and wrong and enable us to practice it in all that we do. The golden rule of displaying integrity is by treating others just the way you want them to treat you back. This applies in the work environment, schools and colleges or universities. When one is honest at the work place, this shows his or her integrity.  This honesty will actually result in open communication between the employees, employers and the workers themselves. There is some level of trust for one another which have resulted due to practice of integrity.

Leading by example is another way of showing integrity. People surrounding you will admire generally how one behaves in a good way. This is because of integrity in him or her which is shown. This results into confidentiality which is an example of integrity. When one is confident, approach do issues is effective and admirable results are expected. Integrity in the modern ethics involves acceptance of the behavior that accepts responsibility and understanding of various modes and styles which helps in uncovering truth.

On Christian perspective, integrity is seen to suggest personal authenticity which includes living according to personal convictions based on understanding of creation and humankind. This defines integrity in its own concept. Christianity and law help in understanding the fact that supremacy and objectivity is fundamental in developments.  Integrity is shown by respecting the law and following what is expected of the person.  People with low integrity always exhibit impulsive behavior. This is one of the tests for integrity even in other professional bodies. For instance, a building with no integrity may have structural damage or collapse. Similarly, persons without integrity may be blown off by misfortune and can be destroyed totally by catastrophes. This reflects that such individuals have no firmness in whatever they do and they just operate from a shaken ground. This is why it calls for integrity so that firmness may be increased and people stand by their word.


Integrity concept is very useful in understanding our personal character because it calls for embracing of values and certain virtues that helps in developing trust and unity.  Finally, the principles of integrity involve trust, honesty and acting as a role model for the followers in all that we do. 

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