The Rise of the Internet

Most people associate cyber bullying with the activities of youth or adolescents, however, research has unveiled that adults also engage in cyber bullying. These are not just vain claims that have no substantial sources but these are provable facts. For instance, in 2006, a young girl known as Megan Meir committed suicide after receiving malicious messages from a fraudster who pretended to be 16-year old boy (Billitteri p.1).  The investigation discovered that these messages had been sent by a mother of a Megan’s friend with the participation of her teenage daughter and her friend. The mother denied her involvement in that event. Still the messages were traced right to her computer. Drew’s involvement in this suicide case enraged other internet users, and they began tormenting her with the same techniques till she had to move out of the area. Cyber bullying continues to grow day by day, but scholars and internet specialists say that it can be overcome (Billitteri p.1).  . According to these scholars, cyber bullying is often  not done willingly among most people, but there are some people who have made it their mission to actually torment others over the internet and this cannot be easily stopped. Cyber bullying also has its advantages as it can be used to track law breakers such as pornographers and other internet criminals. Sites that specialize in capturing law breakers are now plentiful and most of them have been helpful in tracking and capturing law offenders. However, individuals worry that this form of trapping criminals can expose them to danger such as citizens taking the law in their hands and this is known as vigilante violence (Billitteri p. 1). Cyber bullying can also be in form of terrorism and this has been prevented by the government by setting up internet counter-terrorist cites that aid in capturing terrorists. The internet is sometimes used by adults to post their videos and even pictures that are often harmless. However, these pictures may turn harmful, and they are sometimes used in divorce cases and revenge purposes. Lawyers, specializing in divorce and other law matters, recommend that the best response to the venom and vitriol of spite speech is to ignore it (Billitteri p. 1). 

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