TV Advertisement

Advertising is one of the crucial components in the promotion mix and it is considered a significant tool of persuasive communication that aims at enhancing the buyers’ response to the products and services offered by the firm. In advertising, television provides sensory and sensual rich images/graphics that are designed to elicit an emotional response in viewers that grabs their attention and helps communicate the intended advertising message. Television is an important part of many families and advertisement through television has been made an important part of the television.

 Television advertising is evaluated differently by viewers of different age, education level and income status. Income and age of viewers have an implication on the attitude towards television advertising because the high income earners and older viewers have more negative attitude. Some viewers dislike television advertising because the commercials are repeated too often and they have no trust on the way the various products are depicted which they find being intrusive. For example, some people accuse television of intruding into their personal lives. Generally, some viewers dislike the advertising because they find it not consistent and relevant to their specific needs.

First, television advertisement helps the viewers to know about new products that are introduced in the markets. The advertisement gives them a good exposure to these goods and services whereby they are informed of all aspects related to the new products such as their uses and prices. Therefore, the viewers can have a general ideal about the products and services beforehand which helps them to make good choices when buying the products. Secondly, advertising on television is not limited to household products only, but the matrimonial and real estate advertisements are also helpful to viewers. Those with plans to buy houses are helped by television advertisements. They are informed about various organizations and agencies which are able to assist them in obtaining their dream houses. The matrimonial advertisement on television helps some viewers to find lifetime partners. In addition, television advertising can serve different roles for viewers. For instance, it can be a source of entertainment because it is fun watching television advertisements.

 Finally, advertisement on television provides prior information about various upcoming events in cities or towns. This helps the viewers in planning their schedules in according to these functions. In addition, televisions are more beneficial as the viewers can watch and hear the sound at the same time unlike others such as radios. In conclusion, the above benefits and functions of television appear to be positively related to the liking of TV advertisements.

On the other hand, some people take the position that television advertising has primarily negative effects. For example, they argue that the advertisement makes young people to take alcohol because the characters in TV shows and commercials take it. In addition, some advertisements make the children to prefer eating dangerous foods such as fatty chips because of the yummy ads that are on television. Finally, the proponents argue that some people especially the women are portrayed as sex objects in some ads which make women not to be perceived as homemakers as it should be.

Based on the above benefits, I agree with the people who believe that advertising on television is generally beneficial to viewers. Those who oppose the statement have the right to do so but most of their arguments are based on perceptions which people are able to ignore. Television advertisements are the most appealing and all advertisers should consider the required ethics in order to achieve their short and long term goals.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is the energy produced through controlled nuclear reactions. In many developed countries, nuclear power plants are used to generate electricity for domestic and industrial use. For example, the electricity is used to run parts of submarines.

Some people favour the development and expansion of nuclear power plants because of its associated advantages which are low greenhouse gas emissions, efficiency and high energy generation from small amount of fuel and reliability whereby the plant can be operated without any interruption and has good safety records.  The greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear plants are relatively low. Although there are some greenhouse emissions associated with uranium during mining and transportation, they are significantly less than the ones associated with other energy sources such a fossil fuels. Essentially, the nuclear power plant is associated with zero percent carbon if uranium is efficiently mined and transported.

Secondly, the reliability of the nuclear power makes some citizens to support its development. As long as there is enough uranium, there is no need of worrying about the nuclear power supply interruptions. This is centrally to what happens to other energy sources such as hydro power which is affected by the weather activities. Therefore, nuclear power is suitable in providing base loads that are present all the times.

Thirdly, nuclear power is safe. We always receive news reports about accidents at oil refineries and explosions at gas plants but there are only few deaths that are caused by nuclear power plants. For instance, if there are well designed reactors and proper disposal of wastes, the risks associated with the nuclear power are minimal.

Finally, some citizen supports the development of nuclear power because it produces large amounts of electricity as compared to other sources. For example, a 200MeV thermal energy is released at the atomic level compared to the few electron volts that are produced when one hydrocarbon molecule is broken down by burning carbon fuels such as coal.

On the other hand, other citizens argue that nuclear power is a clear danger to life on earth because it comes with many problems which must be addressed. To start with, they argue that the technology used in the generation of nuclear power can be used in the production of dangerous weapons. A good example of this is North Korea.

Secondly, the waste products from the nuclear power plants pollute the environment as they last for thousands of years. Also, the accidents associated with nuclear reactors are more devastating that other energy plants. For example, there was a Chernobyl incident in the year 1986 whereby the water in the plant overheated and the high pressure in the pipes made one pipe to explode. Finally, the proponents of nuclear power plant argue that the reactors are vulnerable to terrorist attacks and the plant workers are exposed to high levels of dangerous radiations, which can cause cancer and other ailments.

In conclusion, I agree with the citizens who support the development of nuclear power because the use of cheap and polluting substances such as coal will lead to the problem of global warming. Nuclear power is associated with low greenhouse gas emissions, efficiency, high energy generation from small amount of fuel and reliability. All countries think of investing in the development of nuclear power and I hope that it will become a safer and useful energy source in the future.

University students

Due to the fact that knowledge is becoming wide as time advances, some people need to learn more in order to overcome various problems that they may face in future. With respect to this, some people say that university students should concentrate on their own field of study, and that all the classes the take should be closely related to that subject. On the other hand, others believe that university students should get a general education, taking classes in many fields before concentrating on a single field. Both groups have good reasons of their positions as well as the benefits associated with them.

Specializing in one subject is good for university students who have clearly made their future plans. Concentrating on one field allows them to focus on their specific problems and objectives which make them become experts in their field. In addition, these students are able to take short time period in university and their programs becomes relatively cheap.  For example, if some students want to become computer programmers in future, they do not need other subjects such as psychology and arts because the knowledge and skills obtained from these study areas will become irrelevant at their future work places. Also, concentrating on one field allows the students with limited budget to complete their studies quickly and start to work.

On the other hand, studying many fields is a significant solution for students who have confusions about their future plans. It is good for these students to explore various fields of study so that they finally make a choice of what they require. In addition, the studying of several subjects will provide them with more future choices. An example of advantages associated with studying many fields is when a student combines subjects for mechanical engineering and others for electrical engineering. This student will have more job opportunities as compared to one with one field of study.

Taking subjects in many fields requires more energy and time which is a big problem for university students who require time for other important activities such as leisure and entertainment. Students need time to meet with friends and discuss about some issues especially the ones concerning their private lives. When they take many subjects in many fields, they lack miss these important life aspects.

Personally, I support the specialization in one field. In the current world characterized by globalization, experienced people are the most important assets. When people study one subject or field, they concentrate more and gain more experience. On the other hand, the ones that study many subjects share their time and experience which hinders them from becoming experts. In conclusion, both points of view have their own benefits and students should make their choices carefully

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