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Computer Ethics

Computers have raised ethical issues since their invention. There have been differences in opinions even among the schol... Details

Digital Forensic Work

This paper analyses the results of a lab analysis of digital forensic work that investigated the use of Adepto and Helix... Details

Computer Forensics

Question 1 - Give an example of terminology that could be confusing between a digital forensic expert, a lawyer, judge,... Details

Digital Forensic Investigation

As the world moves from analogue to digital format technologically, it presents potential threats to digital forensic in... Details

RAT and Its Security Concerns

An Incident where RAT was found on a Corporate Network Grimes (2002) reports a case he encountered while he was a forens... Details

Cross-Site Scripting Analysis

1. Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting There are a number of techniques used by hackers to destroy website applications... Details