Choosing a Network Operating System

Windows Server 2003 is a highly improved version of Windows 2000 and NT that was achieved by incorporation of tens of thousands of customer’s suggestions and complaints. It is developed to include latest technology that Active Directory deployments and accelerates server, best server application, highly improved migration tools notably the NT up graders, highly improved security that includes lockdown features, upgraded print and file services, spectacular performance improvements especially when it is compared to Windows 2000 server on an equivalent hardware and also features a new group management console.

Windows server 2003 compared to windows server 2000 is available in a much wider range of products. First looking at the Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, this was manufactured solely for hosting web pages and serving. This edition supports two processors and support many other features that make it more appropriate for serving and hosting web pages. However, this edition lacks much of the management tools that are found in the other editions making it less appropriate for management work. Looking at Window Server 2003 Standard Edition, this was built specifically for small organizations, medium sized businesses and departmental use. It includes all the Web Edition technology and is manufactured to deliver secure internet connectivity, excellent printer and file sharing, enhancement of management through the centralized desktop feature and unique web solutions that facilitates the connection among customers, employees, students or partners in general. Looking at Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, this edition supports more that four processors, RAM of 32 GB and up to 8 node clusters. It is considered a superset of the Standard Edition incorporating Terminal Services Session Directory features and addition of Metadirectory Services Support among others. This edition is considered the most reliable operating system that ensures enterprise servers are consistently available to clients. It ensures reliable yet secure management and business applications.

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