Comparing The Hardware Of Real World Computing Devices

A computing device is a machine for performing calculations automatically. Some of the commonly used computing devices include the computing machine, data processor, electronic computer, and information processing system. Due to advancement in technology many computing devices have sprung up leading to the world to act as global village. The computing hardware devices such as laptop, desktop and i phones are currently used in the modern world depending on the user’s financial ability to acquire them and satisfaction they offer to him or her. When one requires owning them he or she needs to study and familiarize with them and be in position to develop an understanding of hardware performance, for instance laptop of different of different brands.

Laptops are defined as small portable computers that one can operate keeping on his or her lap.  They include all features provided by a standard desktop such as keyboard, display, pointing device and speakers and is normally powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for short duration of time according to Lyan Uaha. Different brands of laptop have sprung up because of the users’ demands that require different specifications they require to have a technical list which contains the computing device’s memory, processor, storage, and graphics. If someone wants to own a laptop he or she needs go through that technical list before making a decision on which brand of laptop to purchase or to learn about it. The person also requires a price list of the laptops brand since each brand goes at a different prices depending on the specifications. Some of the laptop devices include desktop replacement which is designed as alternative to desktop. It provides all features of a desktop computer and a usually larger and heavier. They have a large display screen but have a short battery Dell XPS M140 Laptop. Subnotebook/ ultraportable are by individuals who are usually moving. They are smaller in size, lower in weight and have a longer batter life compared to other laptops.  They have smaller display screen and lesser hardware VAIO CI. Netbook laptops are laptops that have wireless communications and internet access. They are lightweight and power efficient. E.g.  Asus Eee PC. Rugged laptops are laptops that could survive harsh environments like dust and water .they are harsh insensitive to harsh usage conditions like strong vibrations and extreme temperatures but they are heavier and more expensive compared to other laptops. E.g.Panasonic Toughbook. Tablet PC laptops are the ones with touch screen interface that may or may not have a keyboard and are operated with a stylus or digital pen. They are expensive, but are more user friendly, especially for people who are not used to using a keyboard and HP Compaq tablet PC. The price range of laptops is between Ksh.20000 and Ksh. 100000, but the price depends on the specification of laptops.

Depending on the type of specifications a person can be able to make informed decisions on whether to purchase a laptop or not. The person who wants to own the hardware devices should therefore consider the above qualities which best suits him or her.

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