Computer Technology

The item selected for this discussion is a computer. The use of a computer has affected human life both positively and negatively. It can be seen as a form of technology that has eased humanity’s way of life on one hand, while on the other hand, it has enslaved humankind. Winner’s discussion about the computer agrees that the computer has revolutionalized human beings’ way of life. On the other hand, it has further complicated life in every aspect, whether political, social, or economical. The article shows how people to trust a computes judgment more than fellow human beings. This affects human dignity negatively.

The computer is discussed in detail in the winner’s text. On page 86, the computer is described as a supervisor of millions of Americans making human beings to be more efficient by working faster. A compute is believed to interfere with a person’s privacy, personal space, and take away freedom (pg 88).

According to Winner, some people to suppress other people’s rights, freedoms, and cultural beliefs are using a computer. The computer is making human beings more productive as well as lazy. People are doing very little as automated systems are put in place.


The level of discussion about the computer in this article is well elaborated. It shows both positive and negative impacts of computer invention and its application. In the discussion about the computer winner highlight examples on various situations that computer is applied. The text emphasizes on the negativities of the computer technology. It gives very little information about how the computer has transformed life. In the discussion, it is clear that the computer has made life easier and comfortable. Its use is more advantageous to people than the harm it causes. He highlights this through his examples that show how productivity and connectivity of humanity has increased.

Reflective Conclusions:

From the discussion highlighted above it can be concluded that a computer is a necessity to modernity. It still has negative implications to human being. All this is agreeable by other authors such as Richerd Sclove’s, Judy Wajcman, and Shelia Jasanoff's. They all agree that efforts must be put in place to curb the downfall of humanity because of computer technology. The information discussed by Winner is very relevant in the application of computer technology. This has made me realize in every function that I carry out that utilizes computer technology I must be in a position to know exactly how it influences my life.

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