ENIAC Computers

The ENIAC computers was identified in 1943 at Moore that was a well known school in Pennsylvania for the purpose of war and distraction, They were invented by the collaboration of Mauchyl and Presper, David,(2004).At that time they did not accomplish their mission until the end of the fighting, They were also among the first generation computers that were termed as digital pcs. The ENIAC computers incorporated 17,468 vacuum tubes, together 70.000 resistors. (Vickers, 2001), along side with ten thousand capacitors and one thousand five hundred relays. In one sec, they ere seen to be very fast in comparison to other arithmetic machines that do exist in the modern society.

The enhancement of the vacuum tubes that replaced the switches and relays increased the performance and speed. It would also take technical men several weeks and hours incase of maintenance was required. According to research, the introduction of ENIAC led to the enhancement of the vacuum tube. One of the major distinguishing factor of the ENIAC from other machines was the settings of instructions on the machine, It resembled the 40 plug boards, and ha several feet in size Franz, (1972).

Application of ENIAC Computers

In most cases many wires were to be incorporated by plugging to produce a single command of a given problem. This would take many days to issue commands. Finally the plug boards were eternally micro programmed with assistance of a repertoire that included Fifty to Hundred mostly used commands or instructions that my perhaps be referenced or distinguished from a user program that was entered in form of a sequence of command s to the function-table switches. According to (Gutzwiller, 2005), He urges that ENIAC Computers was mainly invented in the support of war hence dubbed as a war project. In reference to the computer museum that was in September 2008, we are introduce to Jean who we are told used to search for adventure, and also majored in Mathematics at Missouri, used the application of ENIAC Computers or machines in the arithmetic calculations, During the year 1945, the commandos spread a call for (pcs) or computer for new vacancies with a confidential   machine. At that time Bartik got an opportunity for the employment.

The evolution of computers

Most of the computing appliances have undergone tremendous change since the old days of ENIAC Computers. For instance the touch of showmanship that would evident and show the usefulness of ENIAC Computers, which holds celebrations sixty anniversary at the University of Pennsylvania, at the Moore School of -Electrical of Electrical- Engineering, in few decades computers were emerged in the universities and other government institutions, and banks. In comparison with other computers in terms of performance and practical function, ENIAC Computers was seen to be odd bird in terms of technical works. Michael, (1972).The ENIAC computers highly depended on the 10-digit decimal numbering, instead of the binary coding numbering that incorporates ones and zeros that are used by practically all subsequent machines.

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