Ethical and Legal Implications


Over time, the management systems have moved from the traditional ways of handling business to a more sophisticated technological way. As such, most of the activities are done through internet, what is termed as e-business. Therefore, it is necessary that the Information technology equipment be reliable in order to enable the smooth running of programs in an organization. Therefore, the IT equipment should be characterized by the following, to observe the legal and ethical implications.

This essay explicates the legal and ethical aspects of recommending a supplier of IT equipments.

The IT supplies company should satisfy speed. Davenport (2005) asserts that an organization will be willing to purchase from dealers that deliver goods on time. In addition, the most successful businesses are determined by how fast they are able to utilize their infrastructure in order to maximize on market opportunities. Thus, a company to be recommended should be duly registered to ensure validity of a contract.

Environmental pollution is another factor to be considered. Legislation and the community are advocating for providing a friendly environment for citizens. Thus, Luftman et al. (2004) indicate that it is essential, for the hardware offered such as fiber optic cables and network cables be made from materials that would not cause pollution.

Finally, there should be a co-existence between the new and the existing administration system. The kind of equipment offered should provide a chance for easy acquaintance. McNurlin & Tung (2004) assert that the main aim for businesses is to provide employment. It will be illogic if the system will not employ new members because they out rightly cease to understand the principles behind the technology used.

In conclusion, technology provides easier and faster ways of business. However, systems kept in place should not go against the societal and legislation requirements. It is also necessary that the installed equipment be fast and reliable so that the organization can be able to run its chores smoothly.

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