Factors that Lead To Adoption of New Technology

Technology refers to, the making, usage, modification, and size of machines, tools, methods applied by an order when dealing with problems. It also applies to methods applied when improving an already existing solution and when performing a duty or achieving a goal. The superficial IT evolution can be said to be preceded by hand and print revolutions. All the things that one can now handle within a short spun of time just by the click of a button is quite different from the past. Systems like phones, computers and other electronic devices can carry out a bunch of work just by the click of the correct button within a minimum duration unlike in the past. There is always need for organizations to take up a bold step and gear towards becoming a technology leader, basing on the current market trends, basing on the cost and appropriateness of the technology (Charlie, 2005).

Cost of the technology greatly influences the way an organization adapts to the prevailing technological trends. An organization has to take into account its full budget and also the number of employees it has at that specific moment. All departments need to be coordinated to necessitate the actual scenario in the organization and look for the best way forward. If the funds available cannot meet the demands of the technology, the organization can avoid investing in adoption of the new technology (Charlie, 2005).

Appropriateness of the new technology bases on its effectiveness to meet the set goals and targets of that organization. An organization should not be swayed into any direction by the developments in technology, if the latter does not suit its operations. The employees should also be comfortable with the new technological changes (Charlie, 2005).

A good example of an organization failure in adopting new technology is when it decides to purchase CCTV cameras to monitor operations yet it has very few employees. Success would come in if it considers working with the localized monitoring tools rather than adopting the expensive technology.

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