Hard Disk Module Replacement

Replacing a hard disk module for ASUS Z9200K notebook

The hard disk module is one of the critical component of a computer, whether the computer a MAC or a Personal Computer (PC). A hard disk drive is a non-volatile storage device that is often used to store digital data such as movies, songs as well as documents. These data are stored in the hard disk until deletion. A typical hard disk drive is made up of one or more rotating motor driven spindles that reside within a metal casing for protection. Data is often encoded or written into the platters using magnetic read/wrote heads. The hard drive of computers varies in size as well as the technology used. For this reason, the hard drive module for a desktop computer cannot be of the same size as that of the notebook. Most recent computers ship with efficient hard drives having SATA connections (Docter, , Dulaney, & Skandier, 2007).

Laptops hard disk module                                                     Desktop hard disk module

The task of replacing a hard drive in a computer can be a challenging task in the start; however, by following the step wise procedure in this booklet, even a newbie can replace an ASUS notebook’s hard drive not only in good time but safely. A number of reasons can prompt for the replacement of a hard drive. Many times, the hard disk modules fail and prompt for replacement while in some cases, the modules capacity becomes limiting to the users. Regardless of the reason for replacement, there is need to ensure safety of the new hard drive and data in the old hard drive. It is therefore mandatory that one wears an anti-static wrist band attached to a ground while working on the notebook. Appropriate screwdrivers should also be used to open the rear of notebook where the hard disk module will be removed, replaced by a new hard disk module and the cover screwed back into position. This task is best done with the laptop off and lying on a flat table preferably on top of newspapers or any soft material. This procedure will ensure that the hard disk module remains undamaged and the laptop working as expected thus saving time and money.

ü  Appropriate screwdrivers preferably star shaped Philips screwdrivers.

ü  An anti-static wrist band.

ü  A hard drive module for ASUS notebook.

ü  ASUS notebook

Caution: Ensure that you have backed up data from the hard drive in the notebook into an optical disk or external drive.

Switch off the notebook

Do not touch the hard drive model while not wearing and antistatic wrist band.

  1. Place the notebook with the notebooks upper side lying on the table.
  2. Wear an anti-static wrist band and secure it to a metallic ground like a chair.
  3. Using a suitable screw driver, remove the screw indicated below. The screw should be out once it rotates freely.
  • Using a screw driver, gently lift the hard disk cover out of place and place it away.
  • Pull the hard disk module towards the direction of the arrow, lift it up and take it away. The hard disk should move a little distance for complete detachment before lifting is done.  
  • Insert the new hard disk module and push it towards the direction of the arrow. This will make the disk snap into place.
  • Place back the hard disk cover and screw back the cover until the screw is firmly in place. The laptop should now look like this.

The laptop should now be ready for installation of the system software and subsequent use. So grab a cup of coffee as you install your Mac OS or Windows in your system.

  1. The Screw driver keeps rotating on the screw: - Use an appropriate screw driver to remove the screw(s).
  2. The hard disk cover does not come out: -After removing the screw, use the tip of the screw to gently lift the edge of the hard disk cover.
  3. The hard disk does not come out:- For the hard disk to come out, the disk needs to be pushed towards the rear (away from the pins) and lifted gently.

Hard drive:  - a storage device used by computers.

SATA:      - A newer technology of connecting hard disks to computers.

Platters:   - Cylindrical plates make the hard disk.

Ground:    - A connection between an electric discharges body and a conducting body.

ESD:         - Harmful discharge of electricity.

Notebook: - A small and portable computer.

Anti-static wrist band: - A band worn on the wrist and used to discharge static electricity safely to the ground.

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