EC Online Discussion-1 - Hot e-Commerce Trends to Watch

The first thing that needs to be said is that I completely agree with all the statements of the article and to my mind we could not deny the fact that the current state of economy development would be impossible without appearing and evolution of e-commerce. In my opinion, the hottest trend is the third-party e-commerce site providers. In addition to this, William Johnson expresses the idea that one of the approaches that will shape the future of e-commerce is “adding a human element that sells”. This element convinces you to change your mind and buy this good or service (Jonson, 2013). Moreover, as for me, it is an integral part of providing any kind of services, especially when we are talking about marketing.

By the way, there some other authors that used another approach of analyzing e-commerce trends. For example, Adam Stewart proposes such six e-commerce trends of 2013: bringing a personal touch to loyalty, curated commerce, changing the way we pay, the rise of the specialist retailer, increased video use, and mobile integration. As we can see, some of them are similar to the ones of analyzed article, but at the same time, there are some completely new tips.

Of course, there are many people who do not agree with abovementioned trends of e-commerce and my friend is one of them. He responded to me with the idea that the hottest trend of e-commerce should be security. My friend mentioned that e-commerce sellers should do their best to ensure easy and safe shopping for their customers.

To draw a conclusion, I can say that although there is a variety of authors that justify different approaches to e-commerce trends description, there are still some drawbacks of this kind of marketing and it is high time to correct them. There is no limit to perfection.


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