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2001 marked the Internet transition which led to the introduction of the Web 2.0 Software. People had been using the Web 1.0. However, when the Web 2.0 was introduced, many customers abandoned the Web 1.0 since the Web 2.0 was cheaper and had better features. The companies capitalizing on the Web 1.0 began to decline.

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Paradigms

The Web 1.0 and the Web 2.0 use the Internet as a platform. The Web 1.0 is the older software paradigm. The old paradigm was concentrated on the selling of software to the Web users. The software is viewed as products and was expensive. The quality of service determined the software price.

The Web 2.0 is the new platform. This is the new software paradigm which uses software to deliver services to the Web users. The users pay indirectly or directly for the services delivered. The Web 2.0 is up to date and links people, thus, ensuring that data provided has the desired quality.

Google's and Netscape's Business Models

Netscape Software Company utilizes the Web 1.0 while Google uses the Web 2.0. Netscape intended to maximize its profit since the Web 1.0 supplied customers with expensive products, hence, the companies using the system made a lot of money. Google is concentrated on the Web service delivery. Google is a system of the software tools, hence, management is crucial for its stability. The software tools and the data are mutually dependent. Netscape does not require too much competence in the data management.

Google has progressively achieved positive results due to the ability to use the search structure of the Web. The older paradigm relied on the features of the document. The Web 2.0 has encouraged blogging and is an excellent search engine. The new features have attracted many people, hence, increasing profits.

Conclusion: Impact of the Transition Business Design Strategies

The business system design should rely on the new systems of design. The software is undergoing a revolution, hence the business should use the new inventions. The business should be able to adapt to the new technology. Ignorance of the new technology use might lead to the poor performance of the business.

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