Program Planning and Evaluation

The key elements for an effective program plan and evaluation include the identification of a relevant project, target population, research methods to be used, and methods of data collection. Efficient planning and cost effective data analysis method are also necessary when constructing a program plan. The effectiveness of a project is determined by its ability to address various needs during the process of implementation. The methods of data collection and the research instruments are very crucial elements for an effective program. These elements give both qualitative and quantitative details on the services of the project, observation of activities made and assessment of the feedback obtained. The main essential elements for an effective program plan include the following:

  • Seeking assistance fromĀ  planners and evaluators;
  • Using different target population in the implementation of the programs;
  • Use of unbiased data collection methods and data analysis;
  • Maintaining the relevance of the program by involving appropriate activities in research;
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the program by embracing good policies.

The Project Healthy Families is a model that denotes the most essential elements for an effective program plan. For example, it targets the rural poor families for the sensitization of drug abuse prevention. It also shows different interventions to be used in reaching families, peers and schools aimed at stabilizing the health of low income families. The model demonstrates objectives and goals to be achieved and the interrelated activities based on this project. The implementation through the health case management aims at enabling the project to be outstanding because it moves towards addressing a long term situation.

Moreover, the program meets the required expectations of an effective program plan. This is because it integrates all the essential elements needed such as cooperation with the school administration to assist the children and using volunteers for the realization of their objectives. The mechanisms applied in this program enable it to promote healthy living standards in families of the adequate support and involvement of every quarter.

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