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Trillo Apparel Company, also known as TAC in Albuquerque, New Mexico has expanded over the years, employing over 3000 employees and remaining profitable even through very tough economic times. It is an apparel design and production company. Operations in TAC divides into four districts, namely, District 1-North, District 2-South, District 3-West and District 4-East.

Owing a large market in the East, District 4 has outgrown its current production facility, and thus for this reason, its expansion is underway. The executives want to move the facility ten miles away to a place with enough room, especially for the production and shipping department. In order to accommodate the districts functional needs, the current warehouse will also need a bit of renovation thus the aim of this project. Below is the scope document for the project.

Scope Document

Project Objectives:

  • To expand District 4 East in order to give enough room required to generate additional $1 million per year to meet the current demand due to the expanded production capacity.
  • To move the facility ten miles away to a place with enough room, especially for the production and shipping department.
  • To renovate the current warehouse with the purpose of accommodation the districts operational needs thus improve production quality.
  • To increase brand recognition through expansion as well as revenues
  • To increase sales as well as distribution in the eastern region.
  • To cut down downtime losses in the course of the project plan process


  • Detailed project plans and procedures for monitoring and tracking movement and renovation progress against the plan.
  • A plan document for communicating upcoming activities, project status and events as well as overall information about the project at hand.
  • A potential problem analysis with contingent and preventive action steps for possible problem scenarios developed.
  • An easy to use end-user reporting environment implemented and designed as part of the project.
  • Employee training to ensure proper use of any new equipment in the new warehouse and thus smooth transition from the smaller warehouse to the expanded warehouse.
  • Technical and end-user documentation development, made available to the contractors and users before the project begins.
  • Put in place processes and procedures for renovation of the current District 4 warehouse before the renovation program begins.
  • A proper design for the new warehouse structured and printed showing the exact layout and the structure expected of the contractors and engineers by the end of the project. The design team will work on the design plan teaming up with the contractors to make sure that they have a consensus then later present it to the board for discussion.
  • Estimates document needed to ensure enough funds that are available to make project a success. This would be done by the VP of operations
  • Predictions of eliminations of downtimes and lost revenues currently experienced to prepare the management and allow them to make proper decisions before the start of the project as well as allocate enough finances towards the project.
  • Documentation and receipts of all requirements for use in the renovation and relocation process. This will help to keep track of the activities and expenditures during the project time and serve as future reference.


  • The contractors supposed to take two weeks to process the permits, instead, take three weeks. An additional three weeks into the schedule would be required for the permit obtained.
  • The framing and drywall contractors give a notice stating that they are late on other jobs, and can only release half-crew for the project. There is, therefore, the need to double their schedule.
  • Due to rising issues as mentioned above, the project schedules may need adjustments and maybe reshuffling, to ensure that despite the contractor delays and delays in material delivery, the project is still finished on time. This means that there are no extra time additions to the project for completion but everyone complies with the given time.
  • Material Cost keeps fluctuating. This brings about the need to purchase all material beforehand and thus the need for huge funds allocation for the project despite the expected loss in revenue of over $250 000 during the week of downtime. These losses recovery could come after the expansion because of more production and more sales.

 Technical Requirements:

  • T1#: The contractors must complete the movement and operations fully revived by the end of the fourth month as stipulated.
  • T2#: Packing, moving and unpacking production equipment assigned to City Equipment movers. The company should carry it out within five days, to disrupt the production activities in the least way possible
  • T3#: Electrical and plumbing done by Sparks electrical and Waterworks plumbing respectively will take ten days each.
  • T4#: Drywall wall, finish works allocation would be 15 days starting at their slotted time. East Side Framing would do drywall whereas Woodcraft Carpentry would do Finish work.
  • T5#: Student Workers Company can build the work benches for the production floor within 15 days.
  • T6#: All contractor bookings done well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and thus possible unavailability.
  • T7#: Permitting and inspections will take at least one to three weeks depending on the schedule and flexibility of the inspector.

Limits and Exclusion:

  • The warehouse cannot be accessed immediately since it is empty
  • Framing cannot start until the county and city inspectors give all the permits required.
  • Electrical and plumbing can begin as soon as framing is complete
  • Drywall cannot start until the electrical and plumbing inspection are done
  • Final inspections carried out by county and city inspectors.
  • The city and the county must pass the new construction before the finish work begins.
  • Building the product floor work-benches can occur any time as long as it is before the move occurs.

Customer Reviews:

“…we hope to see more of Trillo Apparel Company after this expansion. Expansion would definitely mean more quality products as well as more variety in the market”.

“Movement of the production warehouse may strain the employees who have made themselves a home around the current warehouse. We hope the company has put this into consideration and has put them in plan too to ensure fairness and flexibility”.

“International customers’ expectations, is that, with the expansion and increase of shipment space as well as production, it would imply more production and faster shipping of the apparel. The company has definitely made a great step, we are glad”.

“As the company makes the expansions, we hope to see more locals getting employment, especially the youth. This is also a major boost to the image of the Albuquerque, Mexico, with Trillo being one of the biggest apparel companies in the region”.

“I have purchased Trillo Apparel Company’s District 4 products since years back. Their products are of good quality and derive a great deal of customer satisfaction. The expansion, therefore, gives us a lot to expect, for instance, more quality products, more production and faster shipment as well as faster local delivery.”

“Trillo Apparel company’s move brings improvements the country’s development. Infrastructure, for instance, of roads, railways systems will boost the transport system, as the structures mentioned are important for quick delivery of goods. We, therefore, embrace the company’s idea to renovate, and expand their warehouse.”

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