Social Networking Site-Argumentative Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Let me take this opportunity to thank you for attending this forum. It is necessary to understand how the technology has affected our day-to-day activities. The advancement of technology has taken human species to the greatest level ever reached by living things. Social networking is one of the tremendous steps which came up as a result of the internet integration. Social networking is the recent invention in the history of human beings. It is barely two decades that have passed since the invention of social networking. Million and millions of people have flocked into the sites to discover the sweetness of technology. Human beings are the social animals, and interacting is their natural mistake. The internet has eased the socialization as people from all parts of the universe are now interconnected.

Social networking sites have become the places where humans could meet with others, make some plans, communicate, plan the dates and have some fun. Many people get more informed of many issues happening through the social networking site. In addition, some companies advertise the products through the social site. Some musicians have also gained a lot of fame through social networks. However, all that glitters is not gold. Social networking sites have been proved to have the negative impacts on the people’s work, relationships, concentration and productivity.

The social networking sites are easy and not complicated to use. Every social network site has an open chance for its members to invite friends. This is one of the greatest harm that social networks have brought to the people’s lives. Originally, this idea was brilliant and encouraging. People were connected with schoolmates, workmates, relatives and spouses. However, this idea has now muddied in waters. People have thousands of friends in social networks. Most of these friends are strangers. This breaks all the logic bonds of friendship. How can you refer to someone you have never seen as your best friend? To make the matters worse, people have gone an extra mile to date in social network sites, and then even marry somebody (Engdahl, 2007). Will the future generation differentiate between the casual acquaintances and the meaningful relationships? Social networking sites are attention-seeking and self-centered. People detail every aspect of their lives, which can catch the attention of others in the site. This includes their personal activities like what you have eaten for a breakfast, whom you are currently dating to, what you are currently doing, where you are travelling to, and so on. Everyone in the network fights for the attention and response from a wide audience. Consequently, this leads to the vague-booking which is not only dangerous, but also being the offense by its own.

It is factual that social networking sites cause the distraction, which, in turn, affects the productivity, in general. It has become hard and almost impossible for some people to remain focused. Cell phones and laptops are owned by ninety percent of people in the universe. People can hardly keep on track as they have the urge to chat with friends and capture the newest stories in their site (Ford, 2006). Additionally, social network sites have entertaining games, which are hard to evade from. Students at school engage into these games even in class without a notice of their tutors. Students are also able to chat with their friends even during exams. This enables students to get the answers to questions that prove hard for them and consequently lower the quality of graduates produced by learning institutions. This consumes a lot of time which could be used productively the other way. These distractions harm the productivity in a long run, harming the entire society and the economy.

Social networking has broken strong relationships. People share the personal information with their friends in the site. When one partner questions the other, it becomes the cause of misunderstanding. This makes the partner feel betrayed and breaks the relationship. Similarly, social networks cause jealousy between partners as a result of comments and messages from other friends. This negatively affects the relationship. Some partners get a chance to date with new friends through social networking sites. This infidelity breaks relationships and the marriages, which have remained strong for years. Many people are becoming socially inactive day by day. Social networking sites give people the chance to meet with friends from all parts of the universe. This makes many people contented and kills the urge to visit family members and friends in reality. Those, who are naturally antisocial, use most of their time in social networking sites. It is rare to be rejected as a friend in these sites. Some people consider that travelling to visit their relatives is expensive, and, thus, they are able to chat with them in a cheaper way, there is no need to travel. This has broken the family ties, in general. People forget that the online connection can never be equipped with the direct connection. This is a conspicuous drawback in the society (Engdahl, 2007).

Moreover, social networking has an addiction aspect. Internet addiction is too dangerous to people of all ages. It lowers the production, concentration span, brain functionality and causes the visual impairment among other implications. Some people spend more than fifty percent of their day for social networking sites. Most people are wasting a lot of time in the sites updating their status, checking their friends’ updates, uploading pictures, chatting and following various links. Some employees in some companies spend most of their time in social sites, delaying customers and consequently lowering the dignity and reputation of the company. This addiction lowers their productivity and makes people lazy. Physical exercises, which are so crucial for our health, have been replaced by social networking sites. All leisure time is directed at these dangerous sites at the expense of reading novels, adventuring, visiting friends and dancing among other vital activities (Singh & Samara, 2011). The loss of privacy is the biggest impact of social networking sites. There is the oversharing of information in these sites which breaks all secrets of humans. People feel free to expose their full names, birthdates, relationship status, interests, hobbies, family members, working experience and much more. This erodes all privacy which people have conserved for years. To make the matters worse, other people can confidently expose secrets they know concerning their friends or enemies. Is this really ethical?

In conclusion, social networking sites are the developments which we all appreciate. The sites are entertaining, thrilling, and funny to join to. They have eased the communication and connected the whole human race. For sure, the world is currently a global village. However, everything, which has some advantages, must have drawbacks, on the other side. That is why the coin also has two sides. Social networking sites have the negative impacts on relationships, work places, concentration and productivity. We have to enjoy the fruits of advancement in technology, but with a great caution.

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