Software Development

Karl Wiegers in his book titled “Software Requirements” provides more information in understanding software’s through elaborated software’s development. The book elaborates on software requirements and how various stakeholders can be included in software management and skills that pertain to it. It gives students practical life experience on how to apply various software practices which are required in engineering. This makes it more relevant to students who are pursuing software engineering as it helps them in developing a foundation in the field. Wiegers (2003:56) explains to the students how they can manage their projects in the course of their studies, which is very important for students and offers relevant information concerning the course that students are undertaking in school. Besides this, this book is more relevant in evaluating students as it lays down the requirements that engineering students are expected to meet. For instance, it has outlined the requirement that analyst are expected to have in addition to analytical skill (Wiegers, 2003: 71).

In his book title “The Mythical Man-Month”, Brook focuses on the indivisibility of many programming assignments and why many people fails in developing software. In this respect, he challenges students to stay focus on what they want to achieve in the process of their course-work in-order not to fail. This is relevant to students who are hopping of furthering their studies in engineering. Brooks has worked harder in being relevant in working and managing larger programming projects. These are programs which require programmers in making them successful. He has answered many questions, which are relevant to a student pursuing software engineering. Through this book, Brook argues that any good engineered product must be conceptually, and architectural whole. This is to imply that any product developed must meet its objective wholly in meeting demands of the people (Hemos 2005: Para 4). Additionally, he explains how tar pit software can be escaped which is relevant to students in getting the basics of software development.

Brook’s book was very important as it teaches how to manage projects which is very crucial in this juncture as students prepare in taking long-term projects in and outside school. It teaches on how to stay focus on one’s vision as there are no many projects with different architects hence being meaningful. The act of project management is not new, but the author has introduced many concepts, which have added additional new information to my knowledge and life experience. Additionally, various essays in Brook’s book are very meaningful and gives information on the position of the industry presently. This information is essential as it encourages an individual to working hard in achieving his or her target.

Wieger’s book is equally informative in giving some of the traps that engineers are usually lured into and various ways on how to avoid them. For instance, he outlines some of the traps to be avoided to include vague and ambiguous requirements incases where statement has several meanings and if more crucial information is missing. This will be helpful in equipping the students with knowledge on how to overcome these challenges. Through the author, students learn what to avoid in developing software’s which needs excellent requirements. It also gives information regarding documenting by rules which is new in realizing the requirements of a successful project. These are new actions, which are very essential for a successful software development.

In conclusion, Brooks and Wiegers are very helpful in understanding the field of information technology more-so in software development. They give several options that lie with students in attempts to venturing in the field of technology as well as monitoring their projects. They both lay platforms for students to develop a strong foundation in their careers.

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