Speech Script on Service Computing Technological Aspect

Service oriented computing deals with science and technology hence linking IT and business services (ultan, 2009). (O'Neill, 2010) (Wikipedia, Twitter) The technology set of technologies applied in service computing are Service-Oriented Architecture, business process design, integration and transformation, consultation methods and Web services. Use of technology creates efficiency in business processes hence making the users and the business achieve the desired goals.

Link between IT and Business

Service Computing enables IT services and technology of computing conduct business activities efficiently. Service Computing has a link with multimedia systems and e-commerce. E-commerce has a relationship with the internet, database, Web and software engineering.

Benefits of Service Computing

Service computing improves research and engineering disciplines. A community using service computing improves the technology; provide innovative ideas and strategies for uniting researchers, business people and engineers.

Impact of Service Computing

Service Computing will force the business managers to change their approach in strategic planning. The business is linked directly to the IT implying that IT manager must be consulted before making a decision. Emergence of service computing will force schools to change their curricula in order to accommodate it.  .

Statistics on the Use of Service Computing

Some authors have depicted that 70% of companies receive Web services.37% of them have their workers using the SOA. Companies to increase the Competing power therefore use people.

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