The Internet

The internet is one of the most significant technologies that have transformed different aspects of man’s life within the society. The tremendous opportunities been offered by the internet has been seen as critical in the present societal interactions and could have not been possible without the internet. With the internet, countless, numbers of computers have been connected to each other with use of networks that makes it possible for these computers to communicate with one another through the use of several software technologies. Since its inventions, the internet has continued to offer increasing benefits to the society with the gains spreading across several areas. Initially developed for the use in military, the idea of connecting connectors was given birth to the internet which has evolved to a resource that man relies due to its immense potential. As it is known today, the internet has changed the way in which people work, communicate with one another and carry out activities like trading and commerce allowing for ease, flexibility and efficiency.

The benefit of the internet has spurred a lot of development in several areas of man’s life though its adaptability and potential. With the availability of software technologies, the power of the internet has been unleashed with man reaping its benefits. Despite the fact that the internet has been useful in changing the life of man, these benefits have only been realized to those who have seized the opportunities presented by it. For this reasons, countries with more internet technologies in place experience great benefits from the internet technology.

History of the internet

The internet is composed of countless numbers of computers that have been connected to one another through the use of networks. These networks are owned by numerous institutions and government agencies that have developed several ways to derive benefits from it. The current development and state of the internet can be traced back the development of telecommunication projects that have since evolved to the current internet technologies. As posited by Kleinrock, the use of the internet has led to the birth of a society that is characterized by information technology (p. 8). The birth of the internet has been attributed to a number of visionary scientists whose input paved way for the invention of the internet. Then internet as we know was an invention of RAND Paul Baran who was tasked who was interested in finding out how to maintain, control and command the US missiles. With the American speculating that the USSR could attack them with missiles, the government saw the need of having and a system of communication that could remain functional even after a nuclear attack.

Due to the growing need the APRANET project was initiated to develop systems of communication that could provide flexibility and redundancy even in the wake of an attack on the United States. These projects were handled by the Advanced Research Project Agency that was instituted by President Eisenhower in response to the growing risks of the communist nations (Kleinrock 10). With commencement of the ARPANET project, a number of computers were connected to one another in several universities located in the south western parts of the United States. This made it possible to transfer data from on point to another through several routes. Later on, it emerged that other functions such as sending of e-emails could be achieved in the internet. Presently, the internet has made it possible to send messages, transfer video and voice, order good or services all in real time. These benefits have transformed man’s life.  

Benefits of the internet

Benefits on trade and commerce

Before the invention of the internet, most of the business operations where done in the traditional way where people could walk to stores  purchase good at the counter and carry them home. This process was tedious and challenging especially to individuals who had less time to spend in looking for good or services. Additionally, most of the business firms had limited way of reaching out their customers and even expanding their global presence to other areas. However with the internet, customers could log into online stores and purchase items or services and wait for their delivery. This innovation of the internet made it possible to purchase good online since another of technologies associated with the internet allowed for this. With the internet, several computers called servers could be interconnected with one another with each being located at different regions. Each of the servers could have a number of websites meant for ecommerce like and where customers could come and purchase goods. Payments for such good are then made with credit card of other appropriate payment options like PayPal. In this way, people spent less time looking for goods and even collecting them as many of the good were delivered by courier’s services. This has given benefits to the consumers by the simplification of the process of finding goods, ordering them and having them delivered (Keeney 533).

The internet has also made it possible for business firms to sell their goods and service to a wide range of clientele who may be located in different regions of the world. With online stores being able to be accessed from several localities, business firms have been able to makes sales even without establishing physical presence several locations. This has been possible with the development of several e-commerce solutions which have simplified business (Keeney, 541).

Benefits on communication

The invention of the internet has transformed the way in which people communicate with one another while at work, school and at home. The use of internet technologies has made it possible for people to communicate in an easy and convenient way more than before. Today, people can use several ways of communications which has changed the way in which people keep in touch with one another. Coyle and Vaughn believe that the internet has opened a way for people to have “friendship reminders” particularly with the use of social network (p.14). The internet has made it possible for people to connect with another in an easy way as never before. It is also believed that social networking site such as Twitter has made it possible for people to increase their socialization beyond their immediate environment. The effect of his has been that people have had the opportunity to interact with one another more closely.

With the use the internet, other forms of communication has emerged which has changed how people interact with another. The use of teleconferencing has made allowed for real time communications of both voice and video between people of different geographical locations. This technology has improved areas of learning where a lecture could be delivered remotely. Business conferences and meetings could also be done with participant located at remote regions. Through the use of such technologies, the issue of distance does not hinder interaction between people. With more technologies supporting transfer of voice and text messages, people have developed a more relaxed way of doing things at home, work or school.

Benefits on work

The use of internet technologies has been reported to have caused significant effect of the work (Kubiak and Korowicki 8). Through the use of the internet, many people have exploited the opportunities available online by engaging in several job openings increasing their earnings. With the internet, the idea of working at home has been made possible giving rise to a period of freelance workers who work at convenient hour but away from their clients. The use of search engines as well as job search portals has made it easy to people to search for jobs online and apply for theme without making literal visits to the premises. In this way, it is often common to see internet users using search engine like Google and Bing to look for new opportunities online. Some business firms and institutions have also used the internet to conduct online recruitment exercises which are much easier to carry out.    

In institutions and organizations, the internet has led to the success of teleworkers who are able to move from one point to another while being able to work with one another.  With the availability of secure internet technologies like Virtual Private Networks, workers are able to connect to their offices regardless of the location and thus able work as required with little worry on security. The ability of working even while on transit has made it easier for people to work at remote location and still be able to keep in touch with those at the companies premise. The results of these have been tremendous increase in flexibility and efficiency.


Without doubt, the invention of the internet has made it possible for individuals to carry out a number or activities in a manner that was unprecedented. To date, the internet has remained to be the central focus on the life of man with several benefits being accrued. Most importantly, the internet has revolutionized how people communicate with one another, carry out commerce and work. These benefits have improved the life of people who have continued to harness the power of the internet. With such benefits being felt, there is a need of ensuring that internet services become widely accessible a large number of people at affordable cost.

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