The Nanotechnology

Identification of Context

This essay describes the nanotechnology from Kurzweil’s point of view. This technology is looked at in terms of its status, future prospects, and the expected results if the technology is fully put into use. Kurzweil looks at the positive and negative implications of using nanotechnology to humans’ existence. Kurzweil uses the previous advances in technology and how they have influenced human life to suggest that this technology is not as bad and dangerous as some scientists perceive it.

Kurzweil’s discussions about the nanotechnology are meant to help the realization of full exploitation of the technology. He does this by highlighting the possible positive results the technology has brought to human’s existence. He also highlights the current research and limited applications of nanotechnology and the effects that the technology. He suggests that technology has increased humans life span from around 30 years 200 years ago to a figure higher than that currently (pg 303). He also talks about the great achievements that can be achieved in the field of medicine if this technology is applied. He also discusses how this technology can increase connectivity (pg. 306). He believes that this is the needed technology that should take humans to the next level. This technology if well studied and applied will increase education levels of humanity creating more jobs at the advanced levels while eliminating the manual jobs. This will increase human efficiency eventually improving the living standards of the human population (pg. 304-305). Kurzweil does not fail to mention the negative implications of this technology but goes ahead and offers a way forward. He suggests that regulation should be put in place to control ill indented minds from achieving their ambition using the technology because technology can improve human life and destroy humanity at the same time (pg 303). The Nanotechnology can be used to speed up evolution hence ensuring that humans survive in to the future (pg 304). The integration of biological intelligence and non-biological intelligence will boost human thinking capabilities hence result to improved human efficiency (pg. 304).

Kurzweil claims that this is just a form of technology like any other and should therefore be implemented with no fear to achieve its full potential. Although there are no limitations and regulations imposed in the computer technology field, regulation is needed because if the technology gets to wrong hands it is very lethal to humans’ existence. From his arguments, it is noted that the technology’s use will be more advantageous to humans than its complete neglect. He believes it is time that the world should embrace nanotechnology. He believes that nanotechnology is one of the ways that humans will use to ensure their survival in to the future. Its efficiency, medical use, medical use, application in security, and many other uses that have been discusses by Kurzweil show that he is for the complete exploitation of the technology.


Kurzweil’s analysis of nanotechnology is clear, elaborate, and very informative. From his discussions, any person can be able to deduce what nanotechnology is, how far the technology has reached, and the future prospects including the risks associated with advancement of the technology. All this discussions enables the readers to be well informed about the technology and be able to make informed judgment based on the status of the world. However, he fails to address the measures that can be taken to handle the negative effects of using the technology. If this is looked into then this article will be a very informative on the nanotechnology.

From Kurzweil discussions, the goal I have set on nanotechnology has been achieved. He gives well-elaborated examples of other technologies and tries to relate them to nanotechnologies. This can be used to remove the fear that has been preached about the technologies as it leaves the readers with all the information needed to make informed decisions on the future of the technology.

Reflective Conclusions

It is obvious from the discussions that nanotechnology is the way to go. Those forces that are trying to stop the transition of the world into nanotechnology are selfish. Most of them have achieved all, they do not want to consider the future of those humans who are still suffering and struggling. Nanotechnology is one of the ways that life will be made comfortable for all humans. This discussion offers grounds that can be used to help protect the future generations from extinctions.

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