The Recovery Console

You need to set primary boot device to CD-ROM and boot using Windows boot CD. When you see “Click / Press any key to boot from the CD”, do so. Then, out of the three options appearing on the scene, choose the repair or recovery option by clicking / pressing “R”. Then enter the administrator password to log in and view the command prompt which says “X:\WINDOWS” and X is the partition drive where windows operating system is installed. Generally, it is “C” Drive where operating system is installed. If the administrator password is blank, click “enter” and proceed. You can then use the troubleshooting and repair commands by typing HELP in the command prompt and selecting the appropriate command out of the list. You can find all utilities that you can execute by typing “HELP” in the command prompt.

In case the window does not start at all, a smart way of getting it up and running is to replace the existing “software” and “system” files in the “windows\system32\config” with the files from windows\repair folder. This is a much quicker and easier way than a full fledge reinstall and data back-up.

First, go to “C:\Windows” prompt and type “attrib -h -s\system32\config\system”. Then click enter. Then type “attrib -s -h\system32\config\software” and click enter. This will remove the “system” and “hidden” attributes of the files. You can then copy the files from the repair folder by typing “copy\repair\system\system32\config”, and clicking “enter”. Then type “copy\repair\software\system32\config” and click enter. Lastly, click “Y” to overwrite.

Ultimate Boot Disk

Ultimate boot disk is a bootable recovery CD containing softwares used for repair, restore or diagnose any computer related issue / problem. It offers more tools such as Main board tools, hard disk tools, file system tools, etc. Ultimate Boot disk runs independently of any operating system and boots from any Intel-compatible machine, regardless of whether DOS or Windows or Linux or any other operating system. There are tools on every operating system to recreate the disk from a given ISO image file. You can create one ultimate boot disk using Nero Express Software. Load the CD burning software, associate it will all ISO files, browse the file and click on the “write” button.

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