Website Usability Engineering

According to Spiliotopoulos, Papadopoulos & Martakos (2010, p. 1), website usability engineering involves the process of designing and facilitating adaptive web-based systems that improve system’s efficiency and usability. They point out that designing a web-based system that enhances user’s perspective is essential in setting standardized website usability which not only enhances system’s consistency, but also hinders system’s violation. They note that website usability engineering normally deploys various web-based system developments and designing methodologies that make it easier for website user interfacing. Therefore, it is essential for website developers and designers to examine and facilitate approaches and ways of combining different methodologies so as to integrate the web-based system development (Spiliotopoulos, Papadopoulos & Martakos, 2010, p. 1).

The write-up highlights the importance of usability in web development. It also summarizes the usability issues which may occur when a website has been built. Moreover, the paper not only recommends ways that should be followed by designers and web developers in building websites, but it also gives some characteristics with which website can be considered useable.

Importance of Usability in Web Development

As pointed out by Baehr (2006, p.165), usability normally depicts the ability of web-based users to navigate and enhance software interfacing which is essential for web development. He notes that website usability determines the successful use of websites which enable the development of websites. This in turn defines learning ability, system efficiency and satisfactions. According to him, usability helps the web developers in determining virtual barriers that result into website errors during user interfacing and web-based pages memory deficiency thereby develop effective web-based software applications and programs.

Usability Issues that Occur after Website Building

According to Fadeyev (2009, p. 1), a website user can experience information overload which may be complex and not user-friendly. He points out that a website user may be detracted by overloading of extraneous web-based elements at each page and thereby limiting their potential use of website. He further notes that website users can encounter difficulties in scanning the content of web-based copies used. For instance, users who experience difficulty in reading the content of text produced are unable to acquire right information thereby not demonstrating the eligibility of the website.

On the other hand, Kefer (2010, p. 1) points out that the website user may encounter browser’s navigation incompatibility on the built website. She notes that cross browser compatibility issues normally arise where the website page depicts broken or overlapping text over the page thereby limiting the principality and functionality of the website. Moreover, website uses may experience issues based on the browser size and efficiency for offering assistance. She notes that website users normally experience problems in operating website especially with no supportive links which can address the issues they have at hand.

Recommendations to follow when Building Website

It is important for both web designers and developers to identifying the overall purpose of the website they intend to build. They should design and develop effective website that not only highlights various important elements, but also provides efficient navigation procedures. Moreover, they should design and develop website links that not only meet browsers’ expectation, but also enhance different browsing environments.

Characteristics of Usable Website

According to Porta (2009, p. 1), website may be considered as usable if its visual appearance presents the content of professionalism. He points out that this illustrates effective and proper use of page colors, text, graphics and photographs. He also notes that usable website contains clear, precise and elaborative elements which give the user sense of confidentiality. Moreover, he points out that the usable website not only simplifies and enhances fast page loading procedures, but it also provides ample time for logical browser navigation. Furthermore, website is considered as usable if it optimizes search engines.

This report clearly illustrates the importance of initiating effective usable website. By using appropriate search engines, it was possible to access clear and elaborative information regarding each topic which enabled the development of the research. Moreover, all the relevant information was effectively highlighted with interactive elements and content which made it easy in accessing the right information.


The paper has highlighted the importance of designing and developing effective websites which are user-friendly. It has noted the need for the website designer and developer to engage methodologies that bring out the content, functionality and eligibility of their generated website. Moreover, it has pointed out the need for website designers and developers to conduct website usability test and ability in determining significance of the websites.

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