Wireless, Remote, and Wide Area Networking

Remote desktop is an application software that makes it possible for a user to run a computer from a remote place (David, 2012). This enables an individual to excess and run a computer from another one. This software enables the user to access and use information from a remote computer. This application also enables other features such as text chat and file transfer.

This application only works when two or more computers are connected on the same network. One of the computers is the master while the others are slaves. The master computer is the client for accessing information remotely. This connection can either be wired or wireless. Wireless connections can be effected using the internet or rooters. Wired connection may be direct or through the internet. The application software used for connection is depended on the type of the operating system. Since the administrator has complete access to a remote desktop, he / she is in a position to carry out maintenance on a remote computer (David, 2012). This saves time as one computer can be used to manage a group of computers. 

The office network needs to be designed and managed in such a way that no unwanted computer has access to the network (Bradley, 2012). This can be achieved by using NOS to manage the network. This is effective for both wireless and wired clients in the office. This will be effected by dividing the users into groups. This groups receive network resources via the management of the NOS. security for the wireless clients will be managed using IEEE 802. 11L WPA security settings. A rooter will offer the internet connection to the wired and the wireless connections. This rooter has to be firewalled. The rooter will act as a getaway through DHCP and DNS management. The firewall at this point prevents entry of unwanted computers in to the network. This will protect the data available to those on the network. The firewall protects the IP address and drops unauthorized packets. If effectively done, the NOS will offer effective management of wireless resources such as file shares, users, and printers. The password must be changed after every three weeks to ensure complexity of the security system (Bradley, 2012).

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