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Hard Working Homeless

The society we are living in is referred to with different terms. Some call it unfair some perfect, some ungodly. By all... Details

Supply and Demand

A market can be defined as a combination of sellers and buyers. There many types of markets structures for example; Mono... Details

The Current Oil Price Dilemma

Oil prices have been constantly escalating in the past few years. This has been associated with inflation and economic i... Details

Cash Internal Control Procedures

Cash is one of the most liquid assets in organizations. Due to its tempting status, proper internal control procedures s... Details

International Finance

Explain how the global investment banking process has assisted Microsoft Corporation Global investment banking has been... Details

Investment: S&P 500 Prediction

The current S&P 500 value is at USD 1,173.97There has been a general decline over the last three months covering the... Details