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4 Individual Projects

            Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies in th... Details

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Reforms

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels viewed the ideal society as one that has got political reforms through new forces. Marx a... Details

Wrangling Over the Raising of National Debt Ceiling

Before its signing on August 02, 2011, the debt-ceiling deal had been intensely debated in Congress. In fact, even after... Details

Applied Economics

The restaurant industry is very vibrant in terms of competition and thus being relevant in the market is very key to its... Details

Role of Fiscal Policy in Stabilizing the Economy

Role of fiscal policy in stabilizing the economy Fiscal policy can be defined as a means through which a government shap... Details

The Role of Depository Financial Institutions

Depository financial institutions, also known as deposit-taking financial organizations, specialize in depository lendin... Details