Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

XYZ Corporation is a nonprofit making organization, and it should seek assistance from Volunteers in Services to America, Community Relations Services and Equal Employment Opportunity programs. All those programs provide specialized services assistance but volunteer in Service in America program, are eligible for the organization.  This program works with an objective of supplementing efforts of nonprofit organizations, private and Federal organization, local government agencies to eliminate poverty related problem and poverty (CFDA, 2012). It empowers persons and organization from all races and age groups to perform productive and meaningful services as volunteers. In order to qualify for services from the program, the applicant must have a clear policy and regulation on anti-poverty. The people assisted must be of low income status. First time applicants must provide various forms and record. The applicant must also certify financial systems. As fare as type of assistance is concerned the program provides specialized services.

This program provides financial assistance differently in each fiscal year. The program provides assistance according to the environment and need in the region served by the applicant. In 2011, it awarded $ 98,661,787 in 2012, $ 94820,450 and in 2013 $ 95,300,000. XYZ Corporation will use this program to acquire funds (CFDA, 2012). The funds acquired will pay the professionals providing psychiatric counseling services to the poor people. The poor people will receive free services because XYZ Corporation will have enough funds to cater for the services. The program will keep the organization running even after charging the poor $ 20.00 per visit.

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