Coast Concierge

Coast Concierge is a California-based events planning and food production company run by a vibrant young entrepreneur Rena Puebla. After quitting her job, she started a small catering company catering for birthdays, small weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and all sorts of parties. She soon engaged in event organizing holding small office luncheons and grew into organizing large corporate receptions. Its target clients are those living or working within Tustin, California, although the company is venturing into the larger parts of that region. Coast Concierge’s primary goal is to organize impeccable events where everything is run to detail. It ensures delivery of quality prepared meals that befit any occasion. The company pays close attention to emergency catering services that require quick planning and execution. It also specializes in making deliveries direct to homes and offices at reasonable charges. Owing to its quick style of operation, the company has created a niche market, especially for those who do not have time to organize events or those who do not want to involve themselves with all the technicalities that come with the catering for large numbers of people.

Coast Concierge’s services have successfully managed to enter a highly competitive market that is lucrative in a very fast growing economy. This growth has been brought about by a large number of investors getting into the business, and the competition between these entrepreneurs opens doors for the company to penetrate the market. After a considerable market study, the company has positioned its products in a very careful way in order to fill in the gaps left by the competitors who are out to serve big clients and corporate bodies and, as a result, neglect the most essential asset, the small client. The food served by Coast Concierge is of a very high quality and is accompanied by the modernized service modes that leave clients fully satisfied. Company’s presence in the market has continuously been felt by its emphasis on delivering quality service and timely planning.

In the recent past, there have been a growing number of companies and individuals who require their events be handled by experts. For the companies, it is cheaper to outsource event organizers and catering services than have members of their staff take time off work to do this. People also do not want to tire themselves wondering about the best location or venue to hold their events. Food preparation is not a small task and that is why caterers have become a very important aspect of daily life. People have shifted from the traditional way of organizing events embracing the new concept brought in by the event organizers. The improved standards of living in California have made it easy for people to afford these services. The interaction rates between the service providers and the general population has been on the rise for the past twenty years (Kathleen, 151).

The company offices are located in a convenient location for customers. It is an ideal location for the company when it comes to reaching out on its target clients. Company’s director also gives her home phone number so that clients can reach her at any time with any sort of inquiry they may have. Rena Puebla has also been working with consultants to enter the international market by the end of the year. Her main focus overseas is Germany and United Kingdom because she believes Europeans have a tendency to organize galas with which she sees future opportunity for development.

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