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The Economist is one of the most popular and objective economic magazines that may be recommended to any international executive. Mainly, because The Economist describes current important economic issues happening in the world each day. On April 28, 2011, The Economist publishes an article titled “What’s Wrong with America’s Economy?” The article states that the American economy is facing great problems. The author of the article checks on previous economical ‘breakdowns’. He describes the 1970s inflation and the 1990s unemployment to demonstrate that the problems with American economy happened before. After economic crisis in 2008 American economy records a very sluggish recovery rate. It is clear from the remarks that politicians are to be blamed for not doing right things in helping American economy to recover. The author states that America will cease from being one of the largest economy if its politicians do not act prudently (The Economist, 2011). The article is well written using understandable English language. It clearly states important and appropriate information for any international executive to read. It pays to stay up-to-date especially for an international executive. The information provided in the magazine may totally change the policy of some international companies, which businesses strongly rely upon the state of American economy.

Business Daily is another economic periodic that may be recommend to an international executive. Business Daily often reports on economic status of African countries.  It is a vital part of international trade because they are biggest suppliers of raw materials and their territory is rather promising market for finished goods. Many investors are interested in its global economic status. There is an excellent article that, basically, has nothing to do with African economy but, could be useful to read for any business managing person in any part of the world. It is titled “Dollar gains against Euro as US Releases Economic Data”. The article reports that the US dollar gets stronger against euro on Thursday at 21.00 GMT, after releasing European economic data. The release indicates rising unemployment, recession warnings, and delays in solving economic crisis in Greece. It is expected that the US dollar will gain even more after the release of the US data on unemployment and job creation, Financial forecasts show its improvement since August last year. The article also reports that the US dollar has also gained against other currencies such as Japanese yen and Swiss franc (Business Daily, 2012). This article helps to clearly understand the movement of international currencies used in international transactions. Strengthening of the US dollar against other currencies means that an international executive can be able to undertake international transactions using the US dollar without having significant losses on foreign exchange.

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