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My Mother

 A role model is a person that one looks upon and always tries to emulate following the good characters or the success of the person. The role model often at times turns out to be the most influential person to an individual. My mother is the person that has had a lot of influence on my life. I take her as my role model since she has influenced me to achieve what I have. She raised me up and enabled me to be the person that I am today without the help of my father who, though is still alive, has never helped her. She is hardworking and would always leave very early for work as we also left for school. Her work ensured that we had food to eat, had clothes and went to school. She returned home from work late but only to make for us dinner and then sleep since she was usually tired. Her work took most of her time making her to work seventy-eight hours per week.

 My mother shaped my life by ensuring that I behaved accordingly. Although I never appreciated this because I though she favored my elder brother, but now I realize how I was helped and never wanted me to become a nobody in the society. It was her duty to ensure that we behave well as per the society demands because it was the only way to success in life. Having never been to a university, she was a constant source of inspiration to us encouraging us always to read because reading has better returns in the long run. Additionally, inspiration was not enough. She created a home culture of study that ensured that we always had something to study regardless of the circumstances. The readings culture is responsible for my good academic performance. She always reminded us of what the society demands of us. Although busy, whenever she would be available, I used to accompany her always since I was the last borne. By accompanying her, I always heard her complains about her heavy workload. Despite the few complains, she never shifted blame and that taught me a lesson that you choose life and never shift blame, but tackle the problems as they come.

 As a hardworking parent, my mother was always busy and she had no time to enjoy her life. As she worked to ensure that we got the best, she ended up being my role model. My friends never influenced me because I had little to learn from them. The influence I received from my mother ensured that I get the best and I now feel that I owe all I have and what I am to her. Her life goal was to give my brother and I a life she never had, and now my life goal is to give my mother a life that she never had an opportunity to live. Where she can retire at an early age and have everything she needed be provided to her by me, because she deserves it, for all that she has done for my brother and I.

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