Hope Charity Event


This project is aimed at raising additional finance towards Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity to improve the level and range of assistance they empathetically provide to impoverished families with perennially ill children. This unique supportive charity targets young children, who are affected by various diseases across United Kingdom. In order for the mission to be accomplished the project seeks generous contribution from the general public, private firms, churches, joint families and individual well wishers. Since this is the only source for continuous aid to the suffering children, we earnestly welcome any contribution however little.


This project consists of planning, developing and organizing events in order to raise funds for the chosen noble course. The planning and development stages are already underway with official launching scheduled to be in February 2013 on a favorable date at a suitable location. The performances shall include arts exhibitions, music and dances sourced from different parts of the word mostly being celebrities in their fields. The artists will be creating arts and information surrounding the chosen project with the intention of soliciting funds from the presumably attentive audience. The talented musicians and acrobatic dancers will soothingly entertain the guests all in the aim of fundraising. In addition drinks and snacks shall be served at moderately higher costs as well as leaving some fee at the entry points. Outside shall be colorfully decorated and appropriately arranged for children fanfare. There shall also parking bay at some reasonable charges as well as tight security measures provided.


In order to successfully manage our project, certain individuals have been assigned roles and responsibilities. In our team are, a sponsor, project manager, project team leader, two team members and two masters of ceremonies with their duties stipulated as follows.




George S.White

Project Manager

Accept  project deliverables

Measure and verify project scope

Facilitate scope change requests

Update project documents upon approval of the request changes

Gladys Johnson

Humphrey Vent

Suzan Knelt

Frank Cole

Project Team Members

Measure and verify the project scope

Validate the scope requests

Help in day to day organization of the project.


The actual aim of this project is to make the event a fun and enjoyable to raise funds to spearhead the chosen charity work. The project major objectives are: to get duly recognized for the charity project, thereby enticing as many people as possible to make their contribution, accomplish the project within the projected budget and defined period and to offer a friendly and fascinating entertainment for all ages drawn from divergent backgrounds.

Notably, the project shall benefit from the experience of the team members who have organized some events in the past with a lot of success. This provides the project with vast understanding of what is required and evasion of circumstances which can create any failure. Secondly, there are numerous artists and musicians who are enthusiastic to participate in such like events. This means will receive a lot of applications from them. We are committed to select the best to captivate a larger group.

However, the project comes with some constraints which may lead slight fall in achieving the postulated financial goal. First, at the moment we are yet to decide the most suitable venue for the event. We are still exploring the possible specific places and shall be broadcasted immediately conclusion is reached. Similarly, due to desired venue for the project, the budget may become an issue as the cost of booking the arena could be higher than our estimation. Fundraising prior to the event is inescapable as well as looking for a willing sponsor.


In order to efficiently manage the work required it will be broken down to sustainable individual work packages. This will enable the Project Manager to effectively manage the project as the project team focuses on specific tasks necessitating the completion of the project.

Normally, there are risks associated to projects similar to this, therefore the entrusted committee need to take precautions. Apparently, some of the risks may be: Insufficient funds to be used and this may coerce the organizing committee to strenuously contribute and some potential artists and guests may fail to turn up lowering the collections.

Nevertheless, based on the previous projects run by the project team intensive marketing is required. Plans are underway to disseminate the project through various means as in the internet, televisions, and news papers and through posters.


The project managers and the project team will work together to control the scope of the project. If change is needed in the scope of the project then the process recommended for the project scope change must be carried out. Any project team member may request for a change submitting it to the project manager who scrutinizes and then gives directives.


Financial projection to efficiently finance this event is a 250. We intend to raise 75 through individual contribution and the remaining through a mini fundraising. Should there be any shortage then the project steering committee will chip in.


From the previous similar events, strong relationships between the organizers and the venue providers must exist so that any form failure may be avoided.

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