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The human mind is programmed to recognize activities that relax the body away from stressful environments. Tricky situations often ensure that it works overtime and the relief of finally meeting the target or solution to a problem is often mind relieving. This is the main reason why scientists, healthcare specialists and nutritionists recognize the impact of relaxation to the overall well being of the human mind and body. Exercises are often recommended or taking part in fun and leisure sports that would ensure individuals fully isolate themselves from the vigorous activities that are routine to the mind and the body. The tough economic times that are being experienced globally have however made people to often go into these activities while still going over their financial problems. This is when the most pressured in terms of finances interact for the first time with actual gambling. Gambling can be defined as any activity that involves pitting one‘s cash or near cash assets at stake while betting on unpredictable odds with an aim of winning. More often than not, this never happens. What better way exists than to meet the activity while having time on your hands and enough money either hard earned or saved for the purpose of a holiday?

Most victims of the vice interact with the activity of gambling while on holiday and this is actually encouraged through the hotel and tourism industry because it reflects into extra profits or in most cases super normal profits. First time gamblers often go into the activity with the notion that they have spare money that was intended for unproductive causes anyway, thus seem to think this is a better way because out of expecting nothing they just might win. Fortunately, first time participants often win and are normally encouraged on by genuine fellow gamblers or the propagators of the game who urge them on while slowly collecting personal information on them. This information is what is used to make decisions on how far they can pull in a potential client and make him or her addicted. This is just my assumption of what goes on as far as I have witnessed and heard from victims. The essence is to make the client feel confident and in control. By letting them win enough to actually believe that it is pure lack sets them up psychologically to risk a little more and more on their unplanned for income. This gaining of control is what actually deceives many and their mind is then taken in and that is when they lose control by hoping that someday soon they would walk in and recover everything before quitting. The burning urge is out of disappointment of losing and so they initially believe that they are in it just to recover what they have lost while ideally it turns to be a habit. It is therefore not strange to see regular exits through force whereby the managers of the activity realize the client has completely nothing more to offer or might turn criminal or suicidal from the losses. This often the point where they either desperately sell off most of their assets and join another gambling center or start conning their friends, colleagues and relatives to get money to go and pursue their vice of addiction.

It is therefore true to state that no gambling can be termed responsible since from the onset the activity is designed for profit making. Someone who can lose a portion of his hard earned cash on a whim with the hope of making easy money should take time to think clearly. Why earn money the hard way and lose it easy? Why not earn it easy and lose it hard or earn it hard and lose it even harder? This makes a simple logic for responsible gambling and if one should even entertain the thought of gambling, then, he should invest in a gambling activity that follows my two questions to the end. Of course the answer for both questions is that, there has never existed in this world a gambling activity that made it difficult for the managers or operators to earn their profit!

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