Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Reforms

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels viewed the ideal society as one that has got political reforms through new forces. Marx and Engels saw the capitalist as inhuman for the oppressions they had carried out on the poor since historical times. Therefore, capitalism should be discouraged thus evolution of the international class of those working will take over leadership. Marx and Engel focused mainly on political, social, and economic reforms in the society with a focus on equitability and democracy.

      Marx and Engel were interested in bringing reforms to a society that had a history of oppression of the proletariat by the capitalist. Generally poverty, lack of democracy and proper distribution of wealth ensued in the society. Marx and Engel saw democracy and reforms arising from a peaceful negotiation would be an impracticable way of solving the problem thus Marx proposed the use of massive, well-organized, and violent resolution. Consistently with interest of workers to ensure capital accumulation equally leading to socialism in governance with proper political structures there was need for reforms. Marx and Engel emphasized on the need of giving the working class an opportunity to lead and decide on what next through democracy.

        Furthermore, the experiences gave a description of society at one point of time whereby the bourgeoisie according to Marx and Engel sprouted from the ruins of feudal society who consistently oppressed the proletariat that is the poor in the society. Capitalist enriched themselves by ensuring that they possess the means of production that include land, capital and profit as their private property. In addition, the capitalist used petit bourgeoisie that is the small-business owners and peasant landlords to buy labour power from the proletariat to work in capitalists’ large plantations and businesses. Marx and Engel agree that capitalist were being exploitative, since they generate more returns as compared to what they pay for workers’ wages leaving the proletariat in extreme poverty. Marx and Engel looked at equal access to the means of production by both the poor and the rich as a solution which leads to decline of class stratification in society. Today capitalist still exist with massive properties in their hands whereas, there is continuous exploitation of the proletariat.

      Marx and Engel believed that for the proletariat to be equal they had to acquire the means of production. Marx and Engel believed that there was a need for free, productive and creative work that would allow accumulation of wealth, since the ruling class would not relinquish their wealth and powers so easily. Marx believed that if the proletariats were to leave the capitalist to rule and gain more profits by paying them low wages, the results could be inevitable. Tremendous growth would bring investment in new technologies over time using the surplus returns, soon over time they would employ a small number of laborers.

      International working class will overcome the capitalist through urbanization, development of new technologies, industrialization from wealth accumulated over time. Progress politically, socially and economically will be evident whereas, the proletariat will move from their state of poverty through reforms. Furthermore, the struggle for achievement of equal treatment among all the members of the society has to be achieved.

            In conclusion, Marx and Engel viewed that for the capitalist class to decline the proletariat, and the working class should unite and take over resources. However, Marx oversaw that the proletariat would be class conscious and ensures reforms to change the situation. Marx and Engel believed that a time would come when all citizens will be equal, with no classes politically, socially and economically through proper reforms.

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