Life in Poverty in Las Vegas Nevada

An individual making $5.85 per hour and working for 40 hours in a week will make a monthly income of about $1,014.

My monthly expenses would be as follows:



Housing and home










Other necessities




Total expenses

$1, 015

The house rent has been reduced because of the availability of houses that provide options for sharing of rents among three tenants. For one to be eligible for such housing, he/she must either be single or a single parent with not more than one child. This is divided equally among the tenants and includes utility costs. A missionary sponsored hospital provides health care services at subsidised rates. They provide a full package for the children and outpatient services for adults. This would cut on health costs. The budgetary allocation is for drugs that may not be available at the hospital and have to be bought over the counter.

Given that my employer makes provisional allowance of two plates on food on a weekly basis, the costs of food on those particular days is cut on. I can carry the two plates of French fries spread into two different days to meet those days’ food requirements. In addition, the fast food restaurant is close to home and can allow for walking to work. I can also ride a bicycle to work and hence cut on transport cost. The closeness of the work place to home and availability of a community day care centre makes it advantageous to leave the child behind. The childcare costs are cut on because the community day care centre charges are subsidised by the Methodist Church Movement. The other charges majorly include costs incurred in general shopping and child needs. They also include costs on personal effects. The costs have been reduced to the most important needs such as toothpaste and soap which are mostly bought in small sizes and quantities.

The Nevada government does not have a taxation plan for my salary group. The exemption provides the ground for saving the $1 that remains after all the expenses are covered.

How Life Would be like for a Family Living in the above State

Living in poverty and a salary that do not cater for the basic needs entails painful sacrifices. The job does not have any benefits except for on job injury compensation which takes a long time to process. Everything is kept at the very basic; only the child has three square meals, I have just one at the work place. In addition, I do not have a health insurance plan and I am hopeful that I do not fall sick. The child is advantaged since she can get health care from the sponsored health facility. A comprehensive saving plan is impossible since the one dollar is first inadequate, then it is periodically used to buy clothes for the child. Most of the clothes and shoes are second hand and hence cost far less than new ones. I live life each day at a time.

Theory of Poverty

Lewis Oscar argued that the culture of poverty constituted a design of living. Poverty is passed down from generation to generation. It is characterised by an attitude of living for the present and high divorce rates. Living each day at a time is hard and carries with it emotional and psychological incapacitation.

Given that poverty occurs in a cycle, the likelihood that children born in these homes will follow the trend is probable. This is because poverty stricken homes are not able to provide quality education to their children. Education is considered the liberating factor from poverty because only with education will the children be able to take on opportunities. Lack of proper education promotes poverty.

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