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Chronic poverty and economic destitution remain the biggest problems facing America in the 21st century.  According to the statistics of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Statistics, more than one hundred and fifty Americans are poverty-stricken at the present. It is projected that the figures are likely to double in the next decade given the plummeting economic performance of the once great nation. Unemployment adds to the misery of the American people with the same measure.

According to Professor Gary Nash (2011), unemployment is the most dreaded monster staring America straight in the eye. The severity of unemployment is on upward trend considering that the middle class working Americans lose approximately 5,000 job opportunities every year in both private and public corporations. It is explained by the ongoing process of computerization programs and introduction of machines and robots to replace human labor. As this trend continues, more Americans from the lower cadre are set to lose their jobs. Surprisingly enough, it is the elected representatives and few wealthy corporate masters who make such selfish decisions impacting negatively the poor masses.

The rising levels of chronic poverty in the American populations are cause by the loss of jobs and the prevailing economic hardships. Poverty culminates in intolerable numbers of homelessness and starvation among members of the poor families. The heads of the poor American families cannot afford decent housing or simple meals to their dependants owing to their meager income. The subsequent inability of parents to fend for their families is solely to blame on the rising incidence of street children and families in the United States.

In conclusion, unemployment and chronic poverty is caused by corruption among the politicians and unscrupulous businessmen besides unequal distribution of wealth. America has enough wealth that, if distributed equality, can end poverty in the U.S.

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