Product Evaluation in Automobiles

Many factors must be considered when evaluating the products that one chooses in the automobile industry. Due to the technological advancements, so many changes have taken place. Furthermore, there are many types of products that are present in the automobile industry. With the increase in the technological changes, many factors have to be considered regarding the choice of the products in this industry. They serve different purposes, and this means that diverse criteria have to be used to choose the best model to fit the needs of the consumer.

Generally, there are two types of criteria that can be used when evaluating automobile-based products. Firstly, there are the basic sustainability criteria. Secondly, are the advanced sustainability criteria (Witt 167). In the first case, basic sustainability criteria, the most significant issue is the address of environmental, social impacts, which require minimal verification and cost efforts. On the other hand, the advanced sustainability criteria, there are environmental and socially responsible products and require additional administrative efforts. There are also certain costs that come with it, opposite of those that are designed to fulfill similar functions.

The country of origin of automobiles influence the evaluation made by the consumers. For instance, certain countries like Japan have a good reputation in producing certain brands of vehicles as compared to other countries (Witt 162). Even if other companies from different regions were to manufacture vehicles using similar names, individuals are more likely to opt for the most reputed ones.

In some cases, the evaluation of automobile-based products is attributed to be influenced by the ethnic affiliation. For instance, the ethnic affiliation will determine the culture of the individual. Some cultures attach more importance to some aspects than the others do. In addition, there are two major categories of influences that inform the person on what product to choose (Faber First is the direct individual experience with the brand or indirect experience preferably from interpersonal interactions and mass media.

Evaluation based on the quality of the product

There has been a tremendous growth in the industry since its invention. Automobile products can be evaluated based on its performance. Heavy commercial vehicles are of various ability and stability. There are those that are made for heavy load on for long distance and those made for short distance. The distance travelled by an automobile is determined by its engine power. Car horsepower is an important aspect while choosing an automobile. Horsepower is defined as the amount of energy that can be used to lift about 550 pounds on foot in a single second (Jacky 7). The number of horsepowers in a vehicle determines its capacity. That is what differentiates a heavy commercial vehicle to a salon car.

There are other modifications made to a vehicle to improve its performance. There a lot of speed performance improvement around the world. In major auto shop, one can change on any part of the vehicle to suit his or her needs. On heavy commercial vehicles, installation of extra wheel axle increases the tone of load that it can transport. Turbochargers are common name in street racing but many do not know the actual meaning of the term. This car installation increases its speed. It boosts the horsepower without increasing its wait (Jacky 10). Turbochargers are used in both large commercial vehicles and salon cars.

Apart from the internal parts of automobiles, external factors also affect performance. Tires types are important parts of automobiles. Tire type depends with the car type and the environment. Heavy commercial vehicles in desert like conditions use different type from the salon car in glacial areas. The heavy commercial vehicle require tire that can endure a lot of friction and cannot melt easily (Jan and Mark 45).

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