Sale of Organs

The sale of organs is arguably one of the most contentious issues today.  It involves giving up of those organs to other people and having to live with just one of the pair of organs. This is mostly for the case of the kidneys where people donate one of theirs and still live healthily with the remaining kidney. Most people regard organ trading as dehumanizing and many fear that if it is legalized, it would lead to degeneration of health-care with people being viewed in the same level as those of commodities which could be bought and sold. The sold organs could also be of the deceased. The question is, should it or should it not be legalized. The demand for organs has resulted to people being kidnapped and organs harvested without their consent. Stealing organs from the dead is not something new; this has been reported in many parts of the world.

One of the most vocal critics of markets of organs is Nancy Scheper-Hughes who rejects the view that a market platform should be established to help ease the crisis of organ shortage in the world.  Her moral condemnation of this kind of trade. It can also be established that this condemnation of this trade is based on a gross mischaracterization of both the pro-market position as well as the medical. Establishment of these markets without proper monitoring could be thrown out of proportion. However with proper controls in place, it can run smoothly. The controls can take the form of verification and monitoring of the process. Just like the process that was established to monitor the diamond trade especially in the West Africa region. With the market in place and adequate controls in place, we could all benefit. The dealers must be compelled to issue a certificate to show that the organs are obtained in a legitimate manner.

Lack of a market in place has resulted to the emergence of black markets. Black markets are those markets that operate illegally. This poses a great danger to the society, because the buyers do not care where the organs come from or what process has been used to acquire them. One of the sure ways of dealing with this problem is to establish a legitimate market for people to trade the organs. With the market in place the black markets will be put out of business gradually. This is because it will be expensive for them to run the racket and also the buyers have an alternative way of obtaining the organs without much ado like that associated with black markets. In Kenya for instance, stealing of body organs has been on the rise. Many cases have been reported especially in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In Tanzania, there have been reports of witch doctors wanting organs of albinos. This year 2010, one person was arrested and charged in Tanzania for kidnapping an albino to sell to a Tanzanian witch doctor for purposes of harvesting organs. There have been reported in many other countries in the world. To solve this and ensure proper security to all, a legitimate market is essential.

Legalization of free sale of organs will result to improvement of the health care system in the world. It will also result to overall improvement of the life in general. Many people have lost their lives just because they cannot find a replacement of their organs or find an organ they do not have. With a market in place, this could reduce the mortality rate. Also it will result to a diverse market, which means many people can access the organs at a lower price. Economically, this will lead to more income to governments, through taxation. However, income is the vital, rather the life of the many patients in need of organs. Also for the improvement of the security in our society, a properly controlled market is essential. With this in place, even the many health centers and hospitals know where exactly to find the organs they need. This thus leads to the overall improvement of the health care system and life in general.

However absurd this may seem, the establishment of markets for sale of organs is essential. It is not best way to go nor is it the most sure way, but it is an alternative, and it is the best way forward at this point in time. As demonstrated in the past, lack of a market results to more challenges which are not easy to overcome. Thus it is in our best interest to legalize the free trade of organs. However to reap maximum benefits, adequate monitoring and control is a must. With the proper controls in place, then the problems associated with the trade can be solved. The black markets thrive in the absence of a free market, thus to eradicate them and improve the health care system as well as life in general, sale of organs by adults who are of sound mind should be legalized.

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