Statistical Studies

Over the period, the study of statistics has been extremely beneficial in explaining the changing diversities of the environment. In reality, statistical evidence is portrayed by the studies conducted by researchers in different fields. For example, there is statistical evidence that are beneficial to the entrepreneurs and corporate managers because they reveal significant forces that influence the changes in the market. In this regard, statistical data is beneficial because it helps the market participants to realize higher profits. Both statistics on environment and economics are detrimental to the global development. The recent period has seen the rise of global warming that has resulted in significant influence on the global economic environment.

The formulation of economic policies is based on the analysis of statistical records. The adoptions of these policies are influenced by the economic system adopted by the nation. In reality, the economic system adopted by the economists of the nation is aimed at ensuring equal distribution of wealth. However, statistics collected reveals that the gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen. Analytical records shows that developed countries have significantly increased their spending from $9 billion in 2002 to $23 billion in 2008. In addition, the total amount of assets owned by Bill gates is estimated to be over $50 billion. This is contrary to the wealth of developing nations that are below $50 billion dollars.

Over the period, concern for the changing diversities of the environment has been on the rise. Statistical records show that the usage of carbon fuels has resulted in the rise of global warming. Global warming has adverse effects that include the rise in sea levels, changes in climatic conditions of nations and fluctuations in availability of market goods and services. In this regard, statistical records are beneficial in providing the basis of comparison between environmental conditions. In my opinion, the sample chosen for analysis accurately reflect the prevailing factors on the ground. The results provided by these statistics are extremely beneficial in illustrating relationships between different phenomenon. However, I believe the analysis of global warming is more important because it leads to the betterment of global economies.

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