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How Can Teachers Help Students to Develop a Sense of Value?

 To begin with, I would like to say that the problem of teachers being at a wrong place always existed and still exists in many schools throughout the world. Those are the teachers who do not care to find a ‘God’s sparkle’ in every child, but on the contrary, do all their best to eliminate in all possible ways children’s dignity, intellectual abilities and self-respect.

 Teachers play a great role in every child’s life; if they give the best for their students, it stays with the students during their whole life. And one careless word or unfair attitude may have a distressing influence and even cause a psychological trauma to a child. This is the point that Mike Rose is trying to deliver to the readers in his narrative piece I just wanna be average. Mike experienced such a type of negative attitude from teachers while being a high school student. Although he was lucky to have such great teachers around him as Mrs. Jeanne Jones, Math’s teacher and Mr. Jack MacFarland, English teacher. MacFarland was the one who got Rose back into his studies.

 So how really teachers can develop students’ sense of self-value? In my opinion, there are some ways to do that. One of them is to praise students. It doesn’t mean to praise for everything and always. For example, there is a student in the class, who is not good at Math, but one day, in class he outperforms himself. In this case, teacher’s duty is to encourage the student, like praising him in front of the whole class etc. Also, teachers may show a real interest in the lives of their students, show that they really care. There are some situations, when students feel low, they are misunderstood at home etc, and here teachers can be the ones who can really help. Experiencing such attention and care towards them, students feel that they are needed, and this makes them more confident. One more way to my mind is kind and wise attitude towards all students in the class, no matter if they are nice, smart or dumb. Of course it is not easy, but that is the purpose of being a teacher. Unfortunately, only some of them understand the importance and deep meaning of their profession. With such attitude, children will learn to value and appreciate themselves, even if they are not ‘the best’ in everything they do.

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