The Current Most Important Consulting Strengths and Available Areas for Improvement

     The consulting activity involves both the client and the Advisor who engage in a series of activities hoping to come up with solutions to already presented challenges. In an IT environment, for example, clients would raise issues that may include: software development, web designing, web development and implementation or provide software solutions, others provide hardware solutions to both corporate and individuals. The consulting activity requires one to be acquainted with different skills and methodologies of approaching a given task. In this assignment, the discussion would be based on the major activity that takes place between the one giving the advice and the client. The most common skills that an IT consultant is required to possess, includes: advice-giving skills, procedural skills, commerce skills, communication skills and administrative skills. The client would present his/her problem and the consultant would try as much as possible to invoke knowledge from researched and tested work and use the necessary experience to analyze and evaluate the issue.

The Current Most Important Consulting Strengths and Available Areas for Improvement

      When a potential candidate is available for consultation, activities would be to build an interpersonal relationship that values the need for creating partnerships, trying to learn about the client’s basic issues and also comprehend principles that cater for the client by establishing follow-ups on client’s issues .Working through with the client to define the extent and objectives of upcoming openings in assisting the underlying task, that is, IT solution. Try not to take the discussion as a one-sided affair since it would be good to understand that caution is to be practiced at the critical stage of the underlying project, that is, being worked on. There won’t be any personal desires (Schein, 2002, p.54-58).

     At need development phase, it would be a better idea to comprehend the need for networking which belongs to organization development communities as well as keep up with the knowledge possessed about the field as a whole. This in turn helps in providing for own personal confidence about principles and functions of organization developments (Schein, 2002, p.69-77).

       Proceed to familiarize with the strengths, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the client need for example, in IT industry, the major strength is the ability to embrace and acquire different technology so as to remain updated and relevant to the need presented. As a consultant, the initiative would be to magnify a client’s need into a bigger picture so as to organize the strategies of handling the need and in turn produce results. According to Schein (2002) understanding external market trends and developments would also be of great value as much as comprehending the client’s organization politics to attain the need.

      The next phase is making sure that it becomes my responsibility to commence with the comprehension of the client’s personal values which would add up to his/her feelings, ethics and boundaries. It’s at this stage that use of imagination would be of greater concern especially when thinking of software solutions to be handled. This constitutes trying as much as much as possible to develop a balanced perspective to facilitate independence and neutrality of the software need at hand.

     Openness and effective communication would provide with a chance to express available ideas precisely, evidently and with the objective of being result oriented. Consideration would be put in trying to listen attentively so as to provide clear, unbiased and straightforward solution. This would mean that the solution meant for the client need, would be effective and efficient in the sense that comprehension on how to use the different software applications would not hinder communication; in fact it would act as a stimulus to the whole situation (Schein, 2002, p.122-25).

      The aim to understand the software model and the available changes in theory about the model is one of the tools to consider, then go ahead to build trust and confidence with the client so that at the end of the day, it would be the consultant who runs the professional aspect of the service. In  essence this helps to bring the client to an at ease point making him/her feel that solution to be effected would be of high quality and efficiency altogether. This theory would be of great use in helping my demonstration of leading-edge OD practices by application (Schein, 2002, p.144-57).

      In order for the client to feel safe with the consultation, it would be helpful to try and be mindful of their arising differences so as to allow for presentation of the client’s software or hardware need to the forefront, making sure to develop and maintain an original and open relationship so as to covert the client’s behavior. This would assist the ability to confront and tackle the need at various difficulty levels. Encourage participatory approaches and practices to tackle the existing IT need brought forward by the client. To be an effective consultant, it would be great if you already know own beliefs, needs and desires in the relationship with the client since it would be useful in conducting the work as requested and needed by the client.

     Dealings that involve the needs of the client would always be useful in understanding the importance of learning more in consultancy and in improving in providing IT consulting services, willingness to search for untapped growth opportunities in areas of both personal and professional development would be greatly required. In IT industry, the need for high degree of ethics and personal integrity would also come up in the sense that the needs of the client would have to be conducted in ways that are honest and mutually respectful. When a client comes for any form of IT help expect him/her to have established what constitutes the problem, the mode of assistance needed, communicates correctly the IT challenge in hand. This arrangement eases the client’s burden of the situation and passé the whole challenge with professiona.

     In general, the consulting service that would be provided would entirely rely upon the client’s need. In this scenario, the consultant would be in a fair position if he/she does understand that his/her role is to apply specialized expertise to bring about the achievement of the already set goals, although both control and decision making is determined and made by the client

     In conclusion, ask yourself whether you are in abundance of interpersonal strengths, consulting competence, the technical experience possessed and if in fact is relevant to the presented IT need, before embarking oneself in the whole activity as a whole. The need would also provide an insight to the client’s vision and strategy, the effects of the current marketing conditions, the focus of attention as well as finding out if the consulting service provided for the need is actually relevant to the client as well as oneself for the purpose of recommending the route to be followed.

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