The Economic Rational for a Positive Result

Costa Rica citizens largely depend on farming.  Livestock rearing is a common practice and therefore an important factor to consider in the economy. However, in the effort to improve in livestock production, 70% of the land has been cleared for pasture. There is therefore need for the government to provide for laws that govern the livestock keeping and work on improving the methods used. This will encourage quality production of meet in the country. The government has a mandate to make the citizens promising. It could therefore work on research to improve the farming methods to be used in the country.

The land clearing practice for livestock puts the forests at a stake. To protect the forest, the government could make payments to the local landowners for ecosystem services. The citizens could therefore take the initiative to plant rather than to clear the land as it will be part of the income generation. The government can as well remove the economic subsidiaries that cause harm to the forests. For instance, it could increase the taxes on the agricultural commodities in order to discourage the intensive farming practices.

The country through the waste agricultural products is able to generate energy from the biomass. The government can come in to initiate the forums for this production technique and educating the citizens. They can be able to generate their own energy for consumption and industrial production thereby saving for some other activities. The other natural resources that can be used as well are the rivers. Instead of allowing for floods to occur, the government could build water catchments and divert the rivers for agricultural reasons. Winds, hurricanes, landslides and earthquakes are other good sources of energy.

Another great problem in Costa Rica is the excessive use of Marijuana. This has affected the health of individuals. Health practitioners are well aware that marijuana is helpful in the production of aesthetics. The government can therefore encourage the production of the product while emphasizing on the economic importance by buying all or most of it to aid in the manufacture of the latter. This could result in the encouragement of the people to produce more Marijuana for commercial purposes and not for harmful intake.

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