Walking Advertisements

Particular clothing stores have already transformed into more than a simple place to buy something to wear. Coming into such brand stores as Hollister, American eagle, or Abercrombie, to name just a few, often feels like entering another world. Fashion industry is probably one of the most cunning places where the tastes and desires of people get played on masterfully.

            As a result of this scrupulous manipulation of people’s needs and desires some fashion stores have created a particular image that can be achieved by wearing their clothes. This is usually a semi-real image that the majority of people wants to have. Therefore, men and women gladly buy brand clothes to feel included into this privileged cast of fashion-savvy individuals. Thus, it is no wonder that even a direct advertisement of a cloth item doesn’t repel an average customer from buying the item. On the contrary, often times one wears the sweatshirt or anything else proudly as it clearly indicates the glamorous or popular brand. For instance, Aéropostale has its logo on all the clothes, as does Converse, but this fact doesn’t scare off the customers. Among other causes of wearing clothes with advertisements on them is the fact that they attract the attention of other people. There is a particular type of personalities who like to notice the looks of other people on themselves. Moreover, those looks are often admiring and even envious. This reaction reinforces the desire to wear brand clothes. Finally, wearing fashionable clothes labels a person as a member of a certain socio-economic layer. Having items of specific brands helps to create an image of a financially successful person. This reason, although described the last, is quite important in today’s world.

            Attention of others, creation of a particular image, reassurance in one’s own confidence, boasting off financial good standing are among the most wide-spread reasons of wearing clothes with advertisements on them. Fashion industry studies all those factors to increase their revenues and attract even more customers.

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