World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an organization that has most of its offices in the United Arab Emirates. The organization supervises and liberalizes international trade.  The organization started in 1995 and was a replacement of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The main objectives of the WTO are to regulate the trade between countries by providing forums of negotiation and formalization of the trade activities. It also helps in solving conflicts between the countries by ensuring the participants are sticking to the rules and policies of the organization. Member governments of the participating countries come together and signed the agreements that include the guiding principles and rules. Issues that are focused by WTO are based on the trade negotiations that have been carried out earlier. WTO performs various functions, including overseeing the implementation and the administrations of the covered agreements and providing a forum for concession and settling disagreements. In WTO, I oversee the IT department and the technological section of the organization. The basic function of the IT department is to synchronize all the operations of the organization and link them to the headquarters. The department also performs other functions, such as reaching out to member nations in the quickest way possible.

Description of Problem

WTO is a hugely large organization that deals with many governments through their respective parliaments. This means that all the processes need to be carried out in extreme professionalism and care. The IT department is very crucial due to the rate at which the world is experiencing technological advancement.  The IT department at the WTO office in Dubai has been experiencing various reforms due to its incompetence in the implementation of new technology (Dunkley, 2000). New information systems have been developed, but there are not enough skills that can effectively operate the systems to give the desired purpose. The basic problem here is the lack of sufficient technical training on web design. Today’s world relies on the Internet due to its effectiveness of communicating to many people at the same time and immediate feedback. The WTO website has been developed to some extent but needs to be split per region. People should be able to access WTO in UAE as a different website other than just generalizing this global organization. This synchrony requires so many operators in order to get to all its clients. However, if there was a split per region, it will be easy to operate the official website for a specific country.  The main problem is the personnel required to design all the websites and split them for each region. It becomes very expensive to hire people to design systems for the organization as well as maintain the systems at the cost of the organization.

Nature and Scope

The problem of insufficient personnel in web design has affected the organization by imposing very high costs on the organization. If there were people in the organization who could do web design, the organization would be very comfortable. This problem affects the organization in greater ways, such as the unreliability of the communication systems. The web designers are not readily available to update the system. The congestion of the current website requires a lot of time to update and do other maintenance procedures. The problem affects the organization and its clients as well as other prospective clients. This eventually produces a very negative impact on the organization. This means a very slow communication and little outcomes due to the information flow.

Analysis of the Problem

The WTO has been undergoing this problem for decades. As technology advances, the organization is left behind. This problem can be solved if only the organization’s management can be reviewed so that enough attention is put on the issue. Hiring a web designer is affordable to the organization. However, the problem can be attributed to the management because of the fact that the organization tries to minimize costs, it is essential to have some necessary personnel specially employed to work on the information systems. The scope of its operations requires adequate information systems that are regularly updated to ensure the organization and its clients are all up to date with the trends in trade. The ultimate solution is to either train the staff or hire already trained persons to work on the systems and to assure the organization of an effective IT department that is committed to making the WTO a very efficient trade organization.

Resolution of the Problem

Due to the advancement in technological knowledge, there are so many trained IT operators and web designers available in the job market. The WTO should create an opportunity for such people in order to benefit from their expertise (Chilton, 2006). Taking the broad decision of investing in the information systems means that the organization will be increasing efficiency to its clients. Decision makers in the organization should ensure that they give priority to communication systems because of their importance in passing messages and other relevant information entities. In trying to solve these problems, WTO seeks to achieve the goals that are set and need immediate fulfillment. The organization also seeks to advance and prove its effectiveness in the global trade operations. Having taken over another trade organization that was in place for many decades, WTO would want to be the first among the current organizations that offer excellent services to all member countries through an integrated system that allows instant communication and feedback.

Implementation and Communication of the Solution

In implementing the decisions of working out the problems of the organization, there needs to be a framework of operation that would ensure that all the decisions are taken into consideration by the management board. The ultimate solution should reflect on the website. This means that the suggested changes are effective immediately. If the organization is going to hire trained web designers, the clients should be able to find the website very simplified for efficient use. Ultimately, the workplace will be defined in terms of the roles of its IT operators and web designers. This means that those in the IT department will be working towards ensuring the effect of the change is felt. 

Monitoring and Review Techniques

The hired web designers should be put under serious engagement in the organization system so that they could quickly find out the ways in which these systems can be improved. An internal audit is necessary to ensure that the work being done is effective and favors both the client and the organization. Reviews should be done through asking clients to give feedback on the systems.

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