Access to Instructional Materials

According to the supplemental material entitled “Presentation Transcript”, there is need to improve the accessibility of instructional materials to students because some of them are presented in a manner which is inappropriate for several students.  Access of instructional material is very crucial in education as it ensures that all students have access to curriculum irrespective of their capabilities. It is very hard to reach students if they cannot get materials.    Universal Design for Learning is a framework that includes access to instructional materials. It mainly focuses on ensuring access participation and progress, progress being the key point in general education program. There are three core principles of Universal Design for Learning, namely multiple needs of representation, expression and engagement. Instructional materials should be represented in multiple formats, that is, presenting the same content in different formats. This gives learners various ways of acquiring knowledge and information. Students should also be allowed to express their ideas in different ways. Multiple means of expression provide learners with alternatives for demonstrating what they know. Multiple means of engagement can act as a way of increasing motivation to learners; it also offers appropriate challenges as well as tapping into learner’s interest.  

Instructional materials and resources should be presented in a way that they cater for diverse student strengths. They should assist in fair assessment to all students depending on their capabilities. The supplemental material provided have presented a number of instructional materials which can be used in different stages of education. One of the instructional materials which I can recommend to be used in an elementary school class is SOLO software. The main reason why I recommend this software is its ability to help teachers take care of students with differing abilities. Using SOLO, teachers are in a position to meet needs of a diverse classroom by creating customized assignments for group of students or individual students. It assists students in reading and writing.  

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