Achieving Good Competence in English Writing

Achieving good competence in English writing has always been my dream. Having been born in a Spanish country, I had to fight many odds to achieve the dream. When I enrolled the English composition course, I understood that it was my first step into becoming the next William Shakespeare. I always knew that I would become a competent writer if armed with the necessary skills and advice.

By the time I completed this course, I felt that the dream of impeccable competence was getting closer. I had learnt many composition writing skills, and I could, in fact, write good pieces of work and get no corrections from my tutors. At times when they thought I had made a mistake, they would only realize later that I had taken an alternative and had used a correct word or expression. Among the most important things that I learnt is the skill to determine the manner in which the piece of work would be delivered efficiently. This is heavily determined by the audience it is aimed at. Different audiences require different modes of address, and this is vital for any writer to keep in mind. Another important skill I have learnt is the manner to express myself through writing. One has to correctly deliver feelings and expressions in order to have a good piece of work. The use of figurative language and punctuation can give the writing more flavor in terms of giving the audience the feelings and expressions the writer wishes which makes it enjoyable to go through the work for as many times as one can afford. Organizing one’s work is another important skill that I learnt from the course. Well-organized work is easy to read, understand and enjoy. Poor organization leads to the reader getting bored along the way.

These skills are important in my future writing tasks. I already carried out two peer reviews on two other papers that placed me high on the score sheet. I have also written a successful research essay, which I believe is a strong base to my future research writing. These skills will also help me in expressing my thoughts in other courses, which is important to convince my tutors that I understand what is expected of me. Organizing my work in a manner that is pleasant to tutors will also give me the advantage to be easily understood and acknowledged. These skills are therefore very helpful in my other courses.

Using research as a starting point for my future essays will help me diversify from writing alone. Research writing is usually more involving, and more concentration is needed in order to come up with good work. Using research as my foundation, therefore, will lead to my ability to diversify my skills into other fields such as report writing and other scientific writing fields.

Several things that I however felt they need improvement during the course is the examination process. There was only one research paper and peer reviewing of two papers. In my opinion, there need to be much more for examination to the learners to ensure that they are thorough and can handle papers of any nature. This would mean that apart from research paper for examination, other forms should be introduced such as creative writing in order to ensure that the learner is equipped with skills from the maximum possible fields.

Finally, the course has really been an evaluation tool in my skills and my ability in English writing. My language proficiency as well as writing skills has undoubtedly improved, and I am sure that it has left me a better person than I was before I started. This is a commendable thing that now gives me confidence to face writing challenges without fear. This would be an important tool that would help me achieve goals that were seemingly unachievable.

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