ACTEL National Standards

            The topics presented describe different levels of learning, communicating and writing in English. The authors are taking us through what they feel should be taught by teachers of foreign language to their students. According to them, students will only have the ability to understand certain concepts when they are at a particular stage. They also describe different abilities of students who have reached a particular level of the language. Even though some information provided is true, the authors tend to neglect the fact that the rate at which students grasp language is different. Learning of languages, whether to a foreigner or a native mainly depends on certain factors (Breiner-sanders, Swender & Terry, 2001). This can be due to their willingness to venture into the language and their intellectual capabilities.                                                                      

            There are specific criteria that are used to describe what is high level, or medium level communication and writing. This can be quite challenging to describe someone to be in particular level. For instance, there are certain students who may find it easier to talk in the language yet their writing skills are not advanced. This may also apply do different kinds of writing and communication. Learning of a foreign language also depends on the background of the student and their native language. This determines how fast they can grasp the basics of the language. For instance, there are certain native languages that may be considered similar in how the words are organized in a speech. All this has to do with subject-verb agreement. Most learners of foreign language begin by translating the statements directly from their language to the other language. It will be a boosts to them if such translating does not interfere with the meaning of the sentence. However, if there are certain interferences, then it means that the student will have a lot to do in terms of practice. It is important to note that language and communication is at heart of the human race (ACTFL, 2011).

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